Getting to Know the Upgraded Renault Kangoo Electric Van

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EVision Electric Vehicles are delighted to have received a demo version of the new upgraded Renault Kangoo electric van. This is a van we have had on our fleet for a number of years, and it is a great, solid electric van with a lot of uses.

Having taken the new version out on the road, we wanted to give you a rundown on the Kangoo. We will look at the original version and go through some of the new features available. One of which we think should be available on all vans.

The Renault Kangoo – What is it?

Put in simple terms, this is a magnificent small electric van with a great amount of space in the cargo area. However, the Renault Kangoo is really much more than that. It is a symbol of the very early days of electric vans coming onto the market, thus meaning that the EV expansion into business was about to ignite.

There is a long history behind the Kangoo. In fact, the first generation came out all the way back in 1998. As you will have guessed, the first generation was a petrol and diesel version. However, even the electric version of the Renault Kangoo was unveiled back in 2010, which really was the early days of the electric vehicle revolution.

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Diving Inside the Earlier Versions

The original Renault Kangoo vans that we had on our fleet could manage around 100 miles in real world terms, maybe just under. Its cabin was quite basic and came with a large crank handbrake in between the front seats. There was no infotainment system to speak of in the front, but there were all the necessary features that you would require in a work van.

The shape of the Renault Kangoo has remained pretty constant over time, with the classic crew van style. Venturing into the cargo area and you would have seen the same great amount of space that is afforded to you in the later models. Overall, this may have been a basic van, but it was a very reliable one.

The more recent model of the Kangoo came out in around 2020 and it kept the same reliability and great space. One noticeable upgrade was in the cabin. Although there was still an absence of an infotainment screen, the upgraded Renault Kangoo van had an improved cabin experience, including a more standard handbrake in the middle. It just looked better.

2024: Another Great Upgraded Renault Kangoo

When we were offered a demo of the latest upgraded Renault Kangoo, we were happy to take it in. We didn’t, however, expect many changes in the upgrade. Well, happily we were wrong. The first thing to point out is that Renault has included DC charging on the Kangoo. This is music to the ears of any EV lover. An ability to rapid charge is expected on new vehicles now, and the Kangoo doesn’t disappoint.

The cargo area was still big for a small van, and the exterior design has kept the classic Renault Kangoo shape. It is in the cabin, once again, where the big changes can be found. For a start, there is finally an infotainment system! There are some great features on the system, including phone connectability. You can now connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to use satellite navigation, or to play your own preference of entertainment.

Gone altogether is the handbrake. Selecting the parking option on the gearstick is all that is needed. The cabin itself also seems quite a bit plusher. There’s a great feel to the van while driving, and it would absolutely be a much more comfortable drive.

As stated earlier, there is one feature that should be included in all vans. A rear-view camera! We absolutely loved this feature. Seeing the vehicles behind you is something a lot of people miss when switching from a car to a van. Problem solved!

Kangoo rearview camera

In Conclusion

Renault continues to work on the Kangoo, making improvements in areas where they are needed. They have avoided making the van too fancy, keeping it a solid looking work van that is built for purpose. It would be a shame if Renault decided to discontinue the Kangoo electric van. There is nothing out there in the same size category that matches it. With a WLTP range of over 180 miles, this van can go further than its predecessors as well.

The upgraded Renault Kangoo electric van is a revelation and it keeps this fantastic brand alive. We look forward to a very exciting future with the Kangoo.


*All information correct as of 20 June 2024

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