As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads rapidly increases, EV charging becomes an ever more important travel consideration. There are a number of public charging networks in the UK that offer UK-wide or National coverage. As well as those that cover a specific region. The largest major networks include; BP Pulse, Polar, Ecotricity, Pod Point, and Charge-Your-Car. It should be noted that all of our Tesla vehicles are offered with unlimited, free supercharging at all Tesla Superchargers.

Find out more about the UK’s charging network and where to charge an EV via the ZapMap website. The perfect assistance for anyone who wants to hire an electric car or hire an electric van from EVision.

At home charging

If you’re looking to charge an EV at home, all of our EVision hire vehicles come with adaptors as standard to plug into common household outlets. All long term rentals could also benefit from investing in a wall charger to charge with ease. 

Zap Map

Click on the Zap Map logo to open the ZapMap charging network map to find your closest charge point.

Car Wow

Carwow’s Electric Car charging point finder tool helps EV and hybrid car owners find the nearest electric vehicle charging stations.


Plan your route

EVision Electric Vehicles recommends planning your route, particularly if you are going on a long journey. Find where there are charge points on your route and use ZapMap to find out if they are in service before you get there.

We always recommend choosing a charging area where there is more than one charging venue, so you have 2 additional places to try. Familiarise yourself with the ZapMap app a few days before you travel. It will take time to understand the meaning and significance of the icons and their relationship to the car you hire and your journey.

All Tesla Models S, 3, X and Y from EVision come with free and unlimited Supercharging throughout Europe at any of the 1000 Tesla Superchargers. 

Whether you’re in town browsing the shops or at your local grocery store, many places now offer charging points compatible with all electric cars. Chargers can be found at every motorway service station. In addition to this, many places with EV chargers may be free to use!

How Many EV Charging Points Are There in the UK? A Stats-Driven Guide!