Nationwide Flat Battery Solution for Electric Vehicles

Need EV Flat Battery Assistance? We’re here for you!

At EVision Electric Vehicles, we understand the challenges and concerns that electric vehicle (EV) drivers can face. Especially in situations where the battery charge is critically low or when you have broken down due to a depleted battery.

Using the incredible Ford F150 Lightning pickup truck, complete with its huge 131kWh battery, we have more than enough power to comfortably reach our customers in need, provide enough charge for your EV to reach a chargepoint, and then return to base.

Our “Battery On-call Operations Support Team” (BOOST) is ready to provide you with reliable solutions when you need them most.

Introducing the Ford F150 Lightning EV Charging Service

Our innovation revolves around the Ford F150 Lightning Lariot Edition electric truck, equipped with a powerful 7kW 240V AC electric power take-off. With our EV Flat Battery Assistance service, we’ve designed a specialised 7kW AC charger that seamlessly connects to the Ford F150 electric truck. This setup enables us to charge another EV using the EV Type 2 plug. Therefore, offering an efficient solution to address EV battery issues across the UK.

In the unfortunate event of a fully depleted EV battery, EVision’s electric breakdown assistance service guarantees a swift and effective response. Proficient technicians, stationed in the all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat, promptly arrive at the location of the stranded vehicle and deliver an additional 20 to 30 miles of range within a mere half-hour, enabling customers to confidently reach the nearest charging station.

Efficiency and Convenience Over Traditional Solutions

In the event of a customer’s EV battery reaching a critical state or when range anxiety sets in, our EV Flat Battery Recovery service offers a far more efficient and less stressful alternative to traditional recovery methods.

Unlike conventional recovery truck solutions, EVision’s electric breakdown assistance guarantees a much more environmentally friendly, and stress-free resolution for customers. This service aligns with EVision Electric Vehicles’ commitment to redefining the future of mobility, offering accessible and
sustainable solutions that elevate the EV ownership experience.

You don’t need to hire an electric car or hire an electric van from EVision to use this service. EVision Electric Vehicles will come to the aid of any EV driver requiring our assistance.

Transparent Pricing and Support

We are committed to providing transparency and competitive pricing within our EV Flat Battery Assistance service. The cost of our service is similar when compared to conventional recovery truck costs but so much smoother and greener.

Our pricing includes both the charging service and the electricity consumed during the process. However, the final price may vary depending on the distance travelled to reach our customer.



This service extends to non-EVision customers who find themselves in a similar predicament, ensuring that everyone has access to a swift and reliable charging solution.

At EVision Electric Vehicles, we are dedicated to ensuring your EV journey is as smooth as possible. Our EV Flat Battery service is just one example of our commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainable solutions.

Feel free to reach out for more information or to access our EV charging services within the UK.