EVision Electric Vehicles Corporate Social Responsibility

Thank you for wishing to learn more about our EVision Corporate Social Responsibility. We are committed to providing our stakeholders with a greener future.


As an electric vehicle hire company we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Every vehicle on the EVision fleet is 100% electric and emission free.

Many of our staff, including all senior members of the team, drive electric company cars in order to bring our carbon footprint down.

Working with the Public and Private Sectors

EVision is passionate about increasing the number of electric vehicles on UK roads. As such, we work closely with many businesses and councils to provide their fleet cars and vans at a low price.

We have also hosted workshops for businesses looking to switch their fleets to electric vehicles. These included talks on various aspects of the vehicles and also included test drives.



Here at EVision we believe that we have an important role in providing help and information to the public in environmental matters. We have published many articles on all aspects of electric vehicles, including the benefits, maintenance and proper care of them. We have worked closely with several councils all around the UK to promote the benefits of electric vehicles and the health benefits of making the switch.

Our team has also liaised with the Central Government regarding policies to help increase the uptake of environmentally friendly transport in the country.


The EVision team is a very diverse group. We encourage and support people of all backgrounds to get involved in our business. This diversity has brought the company a wide range of skills and fresh visions, not forgetting a passion for electric vehicles and environmental policy.


Eco-friendly partnerships

At EVision we often partner with other brands that have a positive eco friendly practice. Whether this be through our monthly prize draw, the supply of electric vehicle hardware, such as charge points, or through the sharing of eco friendly knowledge. EVision’s green mission goes far beyond just electric vehicles.