The future of motoring is electric and hiring an EV can offer you many advantages. Whether it is a short term hire for a holiday or a long term hire for your business, there is no time like the present to make the switch to an EV. 

How can you benefit?

Electric Vehicles and Their Safety Ratings Guide.

This is a very exciting time to get involved in the EV revolution. Since the early days of EVision Electric Vehicles, we have seen so many changes in electric vehicles and the related technologies. More and more manufacturers are releasing electric cars and electric vans all the time. These cars are going further than ever before and are packed with ever-increasing technological advancement. Safety features in electric cars and vans are superior to anything in the petrol or diesel world, with autonomous technology playing a big role in protecting EV drivers and others on the road. The automotive industry has never had so much happen so quickly. Electric vehicles are not finished here either. Almost every month you can read about new developments coming out that will make the driving experience infinitely better. We cannot wait to see what comes out next, and we cannot wait to take you on that journey with us!