Watts Occurring: Kia’s electrifying EV6, COP26 and Renault’s 5* EV!

Watts Occurring: EV News and new arrivals from EVision Electric Vehicles!

Hello and welcome to our first ever edition of Watts Occurring, where you can find the biggest and best EV news, advice and discounts! We’re kicking off with some of our favourite electric vehicles, plus some a quick summary of all EV discussions from COP26!

The Kia EV6 is Here and it’s Fabulous!

Of all the cars we have lined up to join the EVision family, the Kia EV6 is up there as one of the most anticipated.
Not only does the car have incredible statistics, such as the WLTP range of 314 miles, a top speed of 116mph and an ability to reach 0-62mph in a mere 5.2 seconds, the Kia EV6 is also packed with lots of other features to appeal to every driver.
The EV6 is ultrafast charging compatible for even quicker charging, it comes with a huge amount of space, both in the cabin and in the boot. There is also the appeal of having lots of device charging options inside the car, and not to mention the amazing technology available to the driver, such as parking cameras, indicator cameras and an awesome sports mode.


Last month, the whole world was watching as leaders from across the globe met in Glasgow for COP26. We saw world governments come together with manufacturers to try and ensure the global temperature doesn’t reach a point of no return.
As you can imagine, electric vehicles were a huge talking point on transport day. There were many positives with some car manufacturers really embracing the challenge of expanding electric vehicle production and availability, charge point manufacturers pushing the expansion of the national network, and the co-operation of governments willing to get behind the electric vehicle expansion with wide-range funding. 
There is a real feeling that the majority of the world is working together to make real changes and turn the electric vehicle dream into reality.
Greater availability of charging stations, greater choice of electric vehicles, greater technology for electric vehicles and cheaper electric vehicles. This is all on the horizon.

Mercedes have joined EVision!

Over the last few years we’ve seen some of the biggest manufacturers joining the EV market, yet Mercedes have been silently absent. That was until early this year when the German manufacturer announced a total of eight new electric vehicles in 2021 and 2022.
Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we’re lucky enough to have two different Mercedes models available for hire right now! The first is the Mercedes EQC, which is the brand’s midsize, 5-seater SUV.

Fitted with a 85kWh battery, you can enjoy a real-world range of 245 miles and a max speed of 112mph. The EQC is incredibly nippy and can reach 62mph in a mere 5.1 seconds.

Next up is Mercedes’ 7-seater, people-carrier, the EQV. With a range of 211 miles, the EQV is ideal for family road trips! Plus, it’s full of tech which is by far some of the best in the business.
One of the biggest perks of the EQV is it’s charging capabilities! When you’re on the road, you can charge the Mercedes EQV in just 40 minutes. Meaning you can continue with your journey without hassle.

Whichever Mercedes you choose to hire, you won’t be disappointed! Drive in style while enjoying the Mercedes-Benz User Experience, fitted with voice control, pre-entry climate control and Mercedes me connect.

Our ZOE keeps making us proud

The response we have had to our fantastic price drop on the Renault ZOE GT Line R135 has been incredible. We are getting so many requests for this amazing small car that we have had to order more to be delivered to meet demand.
Of course, when you get to know a bit more about the Renault ZOE you can completely understand the attraction. There have been several updates to the ZOE since it was first released several years ago, and the modern version now has so much more range, speed and power than ever before. Everything from the infotainment system to the controls have received a modern makeover to make them irresistible.

Book your Renault ZOE today and save up to 40%. It will be the best decision you make.

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