The Maxus T90 – A Pickup Line That Works

Maxus T90 under an underpass

It is always exciting when a new style of electric vehicle becomes available. That is what we have with the Maxus T90 Pickup Truck. This is officially the first electric pickup truck that has been released in the UK and it is turning heads for all the right reasons.

Firstly, why choose a pickup truck and not a van? Well, there are many reasons. Some practical and some just down to personal preference. Maybe you need to carry a lot of equipment or luggage around and you don’t want to be driving a big van. Maybe you just think that the pickup style vehicle is better looking. Who are we to argue? We think it looks fantastic.

A Bit About Maxus – Life Before the Maxus T90

You may be familiar with the manufacturer. After all, we do have the Maxus eDeliver 9 van available on the EVision fleet at present.

Maxus is a Chinese brand that is a subsidiary of the SAIC motor company, as are MG incidentally. Having acquired the intellectual property from LDV in 2010 following the collapse of the British LDV Group, this gave the Chinese a great base from which to start producing bigger commercial vehicles. Maxus produced their first van in 2011 and there was no looking back.

The first electric vans started being produced by Maxus in 2019. The first of which was the Maxus eDeliver 3. This was followed within a couple of years by the larger Maxus eDeliver 9, a van that you will find on the EVision Electric Vehicles website.

Maxus T90 view from rear

Maxus T90 – Just What is it?

As stated earlier, this is the very first full-size electric pickup truck to hit the UK market. This is quite a surprise that it has taken so long for this type of vehicle to enter the EV market. Pickup trucks have been popular vehicles in the UK for a number of years now. Whether you need it for work or leisure, a pickup truck has so many great uses.

Some may be intimidated by the large size of the Maxus T90. However, there is no need to be. Once you get inside and give it a whirl, the pickup truck is a joy to drive. The vehicle also looks incredible.

With beautifully rounded edges and a wonderful aerodynamic body style, even the most fashion conscious of teenagers will think that this is a cool vehicle for a road trip with the family. That is one of the many great things about the Maxus T90. Not only is it a great utility vehicle for work, it is also an awesome family vehicle.

Maxus T90 dashboard

A Look Inside

As you would expect, the interior is seriously big. There will be no complaints about being cramped in the front or rear seats, no matter how big the passengers are. Not only is the space copious, it is also stylish and comfortable. As far as work vehicles go, this is the plushest we have come across so far. This is another great point that makes the Maxus T90 a great crossover vehicle for families to use as well.

You get great lumbar support in the seats and they are supremely comfortable to sit in. The driver sits very high up and can command the road with confidence. Driving is aided by the very responsive infotainment screen. There are great images for the rear parking camera as well. Always helpful when driving a big vehicle.

Open back of Maxus T90

Performance Details

Being a larger sized electric vehicle, the Maxus T90 will need a large battery and good motors to power it along, especially if you are carrying the load capacity of 1 tonne. You will find a 88.5kWh battery under the chassis. The motor is a powerful 130kW which provides an impressive 310 Newton Metres of torque. 

The range is also pretty good too. There is a WLTP quoted range of 220 miles. However, as with all electric cars, this figure can go up or down considerably based on many factors, such as driving style, load, weather etc. Still, this is a very good amount for a vehicle of this size.The Maxus T90 pickup truck is coming to EVision very soon. Contact our offices to make an enquiry or to get more information.

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