A Star Is Cupra Born

Cupra Born with blue sky above

For a brand new manufacturer, Cupra has been getting a lot of premium promotion. If you are a fan of dramas on ITV then you are likely to have seen a Cupra Born advert. Many of the ITV drama programs are sponsored by Cupra Born. This is not cheap advertising either. 

Cupra are proud of their first production electric vehicle, and they are willing to spend the money to tell you all about it.

Who Are They and Where Were They Cupra Born?

Cupra was first established in 2018 and was originally set up as the performance arm of Spanish giant, SEAT.

Of course, SEAT themselves have been acquired by another manufacturer and are part of the Volkswagen Group. This is something that has really benefited both the SEAT and Cupra brands. Spanish styling and German engineering knowhow is a great combination.

The name ‘Cupra’ is interesting in itself. Cupra is a shortening of the words ‘Cup Racing’. This is a nod back to the brand’s origins in motor racing.

Cupra Born to be Great

The Cupra Born is the first foray into the electric car world for the Spanish manufacturers. You may be thinking that Born is an allusion maybe to the birth of a new electric age or some such. However, you would be wrong. The name, Born is actually an ode to where the car was dreamt up. The region of El Born near Barcelona.

Cupra Born in front of trees

There is something very familiar about the Cupra Born when you see it in a side profile. This is not too surprising. The Cupra Born is built on the same platform as the ID range from Volkswagen. Yes, there is the superb Spanish styling still on show. However, the beating heart of the Cupra Born is very much of German sensibility.

Cupra Born to be a Star

The exterior of the Cupra Born may divide some people, but I love it. The bronze edges around the vehicle make the car so unique. Even the badge, which looks to me like the helmet of a Spartan warrior, is sure to make you give this electric car a second glance.

Details really make a difference with the Cupra Born. The name ‘Cupra’ appears just under the bonnet in the bronze colouring and is really tasteful and a nice design.

Cupra Born parked

The rear of the vehicle is also very alluring, complete with a fantastically large spoiler above the rear window. All around the Cupra Born you will find this delightful triangular styling that adds a really nice touch to the car’s character.

Cupra Born to Ride

The interior is really nice as well. The comfortable seating in the cabin is edged with that same bronze colour found on the outside of the vehicle. It’s details like this that give the car a real air of individuality. Details that really appeal to me as well.

The dashboard itself is clean and uncluttered. Sometimes you can have too much going on with the dashboard. However, this is not the case with the Cupra Born. The infotainment system is really clear and easy to use. The quality of the graphics really elevate this car above many others as well.

Cupra Born infotainment system

The Cupra Born bears many resemblances to the ID.4 yet is, dare I say it, cooler and edgier. It is meant to be the sportier side of the SEAT company after all.

Cupra Born to be Wild

As stated earlier, the Cupra brand is the sports side of the SEAT family (now the Volkswage Family), so you would expect the Cupra Born to excel in the performance side of things.

Unfortunately, some people may be a little disappointed. The Cupra Born will not be taking on the Tesla Model 3 or the Kia EV6 GT Line S. However, looking at it objectively, the stats for the Cupra Born aren’t to be sneered at. This is an electric car that can hold its own against many other makes out there.

Cupra Born by dockside

Looking at the version with the 58kWh battery, which is the one you will be able to hire from EVision soon, you will see that you can achieve a WLTP range of 222 miles. The top speed is an acceptable 99mph and the Cupra Born can hit 0-62 in an impressive 7.3 seconds.

So, you can see that the stats are still good if not what you would expect from a performance car.

Cupra Born to be King

The Cupra Born is generating a lot of interest in the UK. We expect to start seeing lots of these electric cars on the road very soon, and you won’t mistake their distinctive style and colourings for other vehicles (except maybe the ID.4 as explained).

Are you looking forward to seeing the Cupra Born at EVision? Let us know what you think on our social media pages. We love hearing from you.

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