BMW are the first company to use sustainable tyres on electric vehicles!

BMW i3 at EVision Electric Vehicles

The BMW group is stepping up to the challenge of climate change by becoming the first manufacturer in the world to develop sustainable tyres for electric vehicles. The 22-inch tyres are made of natural rubber and rayon, a wood based material. In the first instance, these tyres will be exclusively sourced from Pirelli. Then they will be fitted on the new BMW X5 xDrive45e plug-in-hybrid from August this year.

Dr Andreas Wendt, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, said “we aspire to lead the way in sustainability and take responsibility”. They’re certainly doing that! BMW’s pioneering achievement is the first step in the journey to counteract climate change within the industry. 

It is brilliant to see such a great first step from BMW.

BMW’s sustainable electric vehicles

The new 22-inch P ZERO tyres are the first in the world to receive the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. The FSC are an internationally recognised, independent organisation. They to provide a demanding certification standard for environmentally appropriate viable management of the forests.

In order for these tyres to achieve the FSC certification, Pirelli adapted their plants to produce tyres using FSC-certified natural rubber and rayon. The tyres also meet BMW’s strict performance requirements.

BMW have worked with the FSC for many years now as FSC-certified wood was used in the BMW i3. Additionally, it will be used in the BMW iX. Again, proving BMW’s extensive commitment in sustainability.

A sustainable BMW X5

The upcoming BMW X5 xDrive45e is said to complete the full lifecycle CO2 certification. From raw material procurement, through the supply chain, production and use phase and all the way to recycling. Making the carbon footprint of the BMW X5 xDrive45e 40% smaller than that of the BMW X5 xDrive40i.

Collective effort

Natural rubber is a basic material for lots of products we use in our life, such as boots and mattresses. Globally, the largest share of natural rubber goes into tyre production. It’s high elasticity and sturdiness currently make it an irreplaceable material.

Across the globe, over six million small farmers are responsible for the world’s natural rubber cultivation. This means these farms are run under a variety of different conditions. Agreeing uniform social and environmental growing conditions is a major challenge.

This is why developments such as sustainable tyres are real trailblazers for cutting our carbon footprint and curbing climate change.

BMW i3 EVision
BMw i3 at EVision


Want to show your dedication to the on-going climate issues? Then switching to electric is definitely for you! We are proud to be the UKs first pure electric vehicles rental company who offer true green, zero emission motoring.

Since it’s release, the BMW i3 has played a major role in making electric vehicles mainstream. With its funky looks, impressive performance and clever construction, the i3 sells itself. Often dubbed the most sustainable car on the market with zero tailpipe emissions and one of the lowest carbon footprints over its lifetime.

You can hire the BMW i3 from EVision for just £30 a day, with no long term leasing contract and ongoing support and maintenance from our EV experts.

What BMW i3s do we have?

We currently have three different BMWs available for you to choose from; the 94ah, 120ah and the BMW i3 Black. If you’ve ever been concerned about the i3’s original limited range then these models are sure to eliminate your fears!

The BMW i3 94ah provides drivers with a range of roughly 125 miles, whereas the i3 Black has a much larger range of 180 miles. The i3 120ah has the largest range, and quite impressively for a small EV, providing drivers with around 190 miles before needing a top up!

BMW i3 EVision

All three models boast the quirky look with a suitably futuristic interior, trimmed with high-quality materials. The i3 Black is fitted with a modern 10-inch monitor which can display public charging points along your route! 

The guidance systems can also alter a programmed route to redirect you to them, if it deems the battery’s charge is too low to complete the trip. That’s handy for alleviating range anxiety!

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