How far can you travel in an electric car this Christmas?

electric car at christmas

It is a well known tradition that Christmas is the time for friends and family. A recent report has revealed that 96% of Brits could make their Christmas trips in electric cars on just one single charge…

The facts

Christmas is a popular time that many of us travel the roads to see our loved ones. Many will be covering great distances in the upcoming weeks. The report shows that nearly every driver in the UK could manage to do their Christmas journey in electric cars. Not to mention that drivers would not only save money on their trip but also significantly cut emissions made.

The report carried out by Peugeot UK found that a whopping 96% of Brits heading to visit their loved ones this Christmas will drive fewer than 220 miles. As well as nearly two thirds of drivers covering less than 100 miles this festive season. 

The overall average distance that British motorists will drive to get home this Christmas is 79 miles. With this in mind Londoners are reported to drive the furthest to see their friends and families, travelling an average of 122 miles. 

The report also shows that more than a third of participants said that they would be comfortable doing their Christmas journey between 23rd December and 2nd January in one. Despite the fact that electric cars are still not the traditional method of driving, although this is rapidly changing. 

Average miles traveled in each region to see friends and family this Christmas.

London – 122

South East – 94

South West – 81

North East – 81

East Midlands    – 78

Yorkshire and the Humber – 76

East Anglia – 75

Wales – 75

Scotland – 71

West Midlands     – 71

North West – 71

Northern Ireland – 59

Average = 79 miles

Which electric cars could drive me home for Christmas?

For those such as Londoners, making a longer trip than others, we have a wide range of electric cars capable of covering the distance. 


One of our top electric cars for range include the Tesla Model S P100D. This luxurious electric car offers 4 wheel drive which is powered by dual motors. The impressive driving range of the S P100D is 311 miles with autopilot capability, and is perfect for any longer journey. 

As well as the S P100D our SUV Tesla Model X90D offers a range of 257 miles. Both of our Model X 90D and X 75D come with air suspension, autopilot and 7 seats. The second and third row of seats can fold flat when not in use, creating extra luggage space for any presents. There is also a storage frunk, perfect for housing any extra presents for your relatives. Both of these electric cars really do offer style, space and comfort. 

Not to mention that with any hire of a Tesla Model S or X you will benefit from free unlimited Tesla Supercharging! We know, it sounds too good to be true. 


Another one of our electric cars offering an impressive range is the sleek and stylish Jaguar I-Pace. With a 292 mile range, this EV again has 4 wheel drive and dual motors. The I-Pace makes sure that you and your passengers are comfortable for your journey. The architecture of this electric car has been designed so that the front seats are positioned further forwards. Improving both the driving position and legroom for backseat passengers. What’s not to love about the Jaguar I-Pace?


Similar to the Jaguar our Kia e-Niro is designed to offer the most comfortable experience. This five door EV is built for comfort and ease, an 8 way electrically adjustable driving seat with lumbar support is perfect for those long journeys. Although the Kia e-Niro isn’t as large as the Tesla Model X, it is surprisingly spacious. Offering a generous trunk able to fit around 5 small suitcases, so there’s plenty of room to store everyone’s prezzies. The Kia e-Niro has a 282 mile driving range on a full charge. As well as a top speed of 104mph.

Smaller electric cars

Although the above electric cars offer the best range out of those in our fleet, we also offer smaller electric cars too. These include the BMW/bmw-i3/ i3 and Renault ZOE which offer driving ranges between 130 – 200 miles. These zippy EVs are perfect for those travelling a shorter distance during this festive period.  

Cost of ‘filling up’

It’s been a well known fact for a long time that electric cars are more budget friendly on your wallet when ‘filling up‘. New research from Carwow has confirmed that electric cars are the best option when it comes to value for money and mileage, as they can take you further on just £5 than rival modes of transport in London. An overview of the report shows that EV’s can take you nearly 50 more miles than the closest competing transport method. Another benefit is that there are more charging stations than petrol stations in the UK.

Average Travel Distance for £5.00 from London city centre: 

How far can you travel on £5 in electric cars - London

Electric Car: 102.2 miles (from city centre to Sutton Coldfield)

Diesel Car: 56.1 miles (from city centre to Silverstone)

Petrol Car: 48.8 miles (from city centre to Worthing)

Bus: 24.9 miles (from city centre to Chesham)

Train: 20.4 miles (from city centre to Slough)

Average Travel Distance for £5.00 from Edinburgh centre: 

How far can you travel on £5 in electric cars - Edinburgh

Electric Car: 104.2 miles 

Diesel Car: 56.2 miles 

Petrol Car: 49 miles 

Bus: 24.9 miles 

Train: 10.6 miles 

The big question…

Here it comes. The big question…have you booked your electric car for your Christmas trip? Don’t worry if not, there’s still time! 

Enquire today about your choice of electric cars for your journey.


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