Mercedes is a name synonymous with quality cars. The Mercedes EQB is certainly no exception to this rule. A very well built, solid compact SUV that is worthy of the Mercedes badge. Built on the same platform as the brand’s GLB petrol car, the EQB just looks a few generations ahead.

Don’t take our word for it. Hire a Mercedes EQB and find out for yourself!

Mercedes eqb

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Model  Mercedes EQB
Range 260 Miles
Charging time

3kW Charger (20% – 80%) – 34 hours

150kW Charger (15% – 80%) – 29 minutes

0-62MPH 6.2 seconds
Max Speed 99 mph
Seats 7
Vehicle Charging Information
What's included?
Minimum rental period 1 day
Initial payment £0
Miles per day (short term rental) 150 miles 
Miles per day (long term rental)

10,000 miles – annual mileage

* 12 months or more / pro rata (fair mileage policy applies)

Breakdown Included
Maintenance & servicing Included
Tyre wear Included
Charge point Free chargepoint provided for long term hires of over 12 months
Charging cables Included
Road tax Included
Insurance Information
EVision Insurance £2000 refundable excess*
Own Insurance £500 refundable excess*

*Subject to the vehicle being returned in a satisfactory condition.

Prices and Booking

Prices shown below are for the hire of the vehicle only.

Daily Hire
£194.40 / Day 

Business rate: £162 + VAT (20%) / Day 

BOOK daily hire

Weekly Hire
£648.00 / Week
Business rate: £540 + VAT (20%) / Week

BOOK weekly hire

1 Month +
£1618.80 / Month
Business rate: £1349 + VAT (20%) / Month

BOOK 1 month +

1 Year +
£1348.80 / Month
Business rate: £1124 + VAT (20%) / Month

BOOK 1 Year+

2 Years +
£1281.60 / Month 
Business rate: £1068 + VAT (20%) / Month 

BOOK 2 Years+

3 Years +
£1218 / Month 
Business rate: £1015 + VAT (20%) / Month 

BOOK 3 Years+

You can add Insurance, windscreen/tyre insurance, additional drivers and car seats upon checkout. Detailed pricing can be found at the bottom of the page.

The interior of the Mercedes EQB will look very familiar to fans of the Mercedes G-Wagon range. A really plush and sleek front of the cabin is complete with Mercedes’ bespoke MBUX powered double consoles with every app you will need, and all of which are very easy to navigate and use. There is also the very smart “hey Mercedes” voice activated controls. The ambient lighting in the cabin is stunning and a really nice touch. Careful to keep the look classy rather than tacky.

There are 7 seats as standard in the EQB cars released in the UK. The very rear 2 seats are suitable for smaller children and can be folded down to give you a very generous boot space. Everything is well positioned in the Mercedes EQB. There is fantastic vision for the driver all-round.

The Mercedes EQB is a big heavy car that is still comfortable to drive. The floaty cushioning is courtesy of a supreme suspension that helps you handle corners and turns with relative ease.

The battery has a charging capability of up to 100kW and can charge quite quickly. Although the top speed is just 99mph (which very few people will ever need in their life) the acceleration is absolutely exquisite. You will have no problems overtaking other cars. Even at motorway speed. The torque is sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling of happiness inside when your foot goes down on the acceleration pedal.

Detailed Pricing Table

Swipe across on mobile to see the full pricing table.

Length of Hire

Daily Hire

Weekly Hire

1 Month +

1 Year +

2 Years +

3 Years +

Hire Charge
(Including VAT)
£194.40 / day

£648.00 / week

£1618.80 / month £1348.80 / month £1281.60 / month £1218.00 / month
Business Rate (Excluding VAT @ 20%) £162.00 / day

£540.00 / week

£1349.00 / month £1124.00 / month £1068.00 / month £1015.00 / month


Optional Extras

EVision Insurance
(With a £2000 excess)*
£81.00 / day £270.00 / week £674.50 / month £562.00 / month £534.00 / month £507.50 / month
Tyre Damage Insurance £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day  £4.00 / day 
Screen Damage Insurance £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day  £4.00 / day 

*International Insurance is double the standard insurance rate.