You can now hire a Vauxhall Combo-e directly from EVision. This durable electric van was created by the Stellantis group of manufacturers who have hundreds of years combined experience making exceptional vehicles. The Combo-e is no exception to this rule. The Vauxhall Combo-e looks really smart on the outside and has a really stylish front grille.

The exterior is complemented by an interior that is both comfortable and practical. The entertainment system in the Vauxhall Combo-e includes an impressive amount of spec and is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android auto. There is also, unlike many other vans, climate control to keep you and your passengers cool during the hot summer months. Hire a Vauxhall Combo-e and make a difference to your business.

Vauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-eVauxhall Combo-e interior
Model Vauxhall Combo-e
Range 145 Miles
Charging time

3kW charger (0% – 100%) – 23 hours 15 minutes
100kW charger (0% – 80%) – 30 minutes

0-60MPH 11.3 seconds
Max Speed 81 mph
Seats 2
Payload 751 kg
Load Length 1,877mm  – 2,167mm
Load Volume 4.4m3
Unladen Weight 1739kg

*It is the customer’s responsibility to always obey any signage warning against restrictions on vehicle dimensions or weight. As the weight of some of our vehicles are over 2 tonnes, they are restricted from travelling through some areas. Failure to obey any restrictions will result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Vehicle Charging Information
Minimum rental period 1 day
Initial payment £0
Miles per day (short term rental) 150 miles 
Miles per day (long term rental)

10,000 miles – annual mileage

* 12 months or more / pro rata (fair mileage policy applies)

Breakdown Included
Maintenance & servicing Included
Tyre wear Included
Charging cables Included
Road tax Included
Age requirement 21 and over 
Licence Must have held a full licence for at least 3 years
EVision Insurance If you are under 21, you must take out your own fully comprehensive insurance policy to drive this vehicle. EVision’s insurers are unable to cover those under the age of 21.
EVision Insurance £2000 refundable excess*
Own Insurance £500 refundable excess*

*Subject to the vehicle being returned in a satisfactory condition.

Cars 2% Benefit in Kind on electric cars until 2025
Vans 0% Benefit in Kind on electric vans until 2025
Pickup Trucks  0% Benefit in Kind on electric pickup trucks until 2025
Kent ME2 4DZ
Devon EX15 2PE
Yorkshire WF10 5NW
Durham DH7 9TT

Nationwide delivery available.

Call our Head Office on 01634 914063 for a quote.

Prices and Booking

Prices shown below are for the hire of the vehicle only.

Daily Hire
£116.40 / Day 

Business rate: £97 + VAT (20%) / Day 

book daily hire

Weekly Hire
£388.80 / Week
Business rate: £324 + VAT (20%) / Week

book weekly hire

1 Month +
£970.80 / Month
Business rate: £809 + VAT (20%) / Month

book 1 month +

1 Year+
£808.80 / Month
Business rate: £674 + VAT (20%) / Month

book 1 year +

2 Years+
£800.40 / Month 
Business rate: £667 + VAT (20%) / Month 

book 2 years +

3 Years+
£760.80 / Month 
Business rate: £634 + VAT (20%) / Month 

book 3 years +

You can add Insurance, windscreen/tyre insurance, additional drivers and car seats upon checkout. Detailed pricing can be found at the bottom of the page.

The cargo space of the Vauxhall Combo-e has a lot of room in the wide load area which can be accessed via the double rear doors. There is also access to the cargo space via sliding doors which can be found on either side of the van.

Even though the Vauxhall Combo-e can be described as a compact van, it is still able to carry 751kg of load.

Performance wise, the Combo-e holds its own very well. The 50kWh battery allows for a real world range of 145 miles. Along with the ability to use rapid charging points makes the Combo-e a very practical work vehicle that can really travel good distances.

If you need an electric van for yourself or for your business, get in touch with EVision Electric Vehicles and hire a Vauxhall Combo-e today.

Detailed Pricing Table

Vauxhall Combo-e
Swipe across on mobile to see the full pricing table.

Length of Hire

Daily Hire

Weekly Hire

1 Month +

1 Year +

2 Years +

3 Years +

Hire Charge
(Including VAT)
£116.40 / day

£388.80 / week

£970.80 / month £808.80 / month £800.40 / month £760.80 / month
Business Rate (Excluding VAT @ 20%) £97.00 / day

£324.00 / week

£809.00 / month £674.00 / month £667.00 / month £634.00 / month


Optional Extras

EVision Insurance
(With a £2000 excess)*
£48.50 / day £162.00 / week £404.50 / month £337.00 / month £333.50 / month £317.00 / month
Tyre Damage Insurance £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day  £4.00 / day 
Screen Damage Insurance £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day £4.00 / day  £4.00 / day 

*International Insurance is double the standard insurance rate.

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