Common electric vehicle myths by EVision Electric Vehicles!

As demand for electric vehicles continues to soar, we’re seeing lots of fact, opinions and advice floating around the internet! With so much information about electric vehicles, their capabilities and their success it can be easy to feel caught up and lost.

We’re here to challenge some of the most popular electric vehicle myths!

1. Electric vehicles can’t travel as far as people need them!

One of the biggest electric vehicle myths is that they are still extremely limited by how far they can travel. Early on in the EV days, you might have been lucky to find an electric car with over 100 miles of range. Today, that’s just not the case.

Truth: There are now over 100 different all-electric models which can travel more than 200 miles on a single charge! These include the Volkswagen ID.3, Mercedes EQC and Kia EV6.

electric vehicle myths
electric vehicle myths

2. There aren’t enough public charging stations!

While most people will be able to charge their electric vehicle overnight at their home, or during the day at their workplace, this isn’t the case for everyone. Sometimes you need a little bit more juice while on route to your destination. But are there enough EV charging stations?

Truth: There are now over 25,000 public charge points available in the UK. Plus, the UK now has more rapid charging points than any other country in Europe. What’s more is new technology, such as battery swapping, is brilliant in China as could make it’s way to Europe soon! Find out more on battery swapping, here.

3. It takes too long to charge an electric vehicle…

How long it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on lots of factors, including the model and the charge facilities available. Generally, the bigger the vehicle – the longer it will take to fully charge.

Truth: Using the latest EV technology, some electric vehicles are capable of adding 120 miles or more in as little as 20 minutes – the time it takes to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. (As EVs technology develops, this will only improve!)

electric vehicle myths
electric vehicle myths

4. They’re slower than petrol and diesel cars!

We’re not really sure where this myth came from, but it certainly isn’t true!

Truth: There is absolutely no reason for an electric vehicle to accelerate or travel slower than a conventional vehicle. Some of the fastest cars are electric, the Porsche Taycan 4S for example, can accelerate from 0-62mp in a minimal 2.8 seconds.

5. Electric vehicles can’t be driven or charged in the rain.

Ermmm. We assume this myth comes from people assuming an electric car will react the way your mobile phone might if you left it out in a storm all night.

Truth: Not true. Like ALL vehicles, electric vehicles have to comply with tough technical rules prior to being put onto the market. This includes crash and electrical safety, which makes them safe to use, drive and charge whatever the weather.

electric vehicle myths
electric vehicle myths

6. I’ll have to replace my EVs battery


The idea that you’ll be swapping out your cars battery every few years is enough to put anyone off! Luckily it’s not true…

Truth: There is no evidence to suggest their battery lifespan is shorter than that in a petrol or diesel vehicle. When buying a new electric vehicle , most of them will come with a battery warranty of around 8 years. However, with the increase in green technology we expect batteries will last longer than expected.