World Environment Day 2024 – Let’s Celebrate!

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We celebrate World Environment Day 2024 on the 5th of June. This fantastic annual event is in its 52nd year, having its inception in Sweden in 1972. It is a global collaboration to improve the environment and it has been led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and it continues to grow.

In this blog post we will look briefly at the history and the themes of the Day. We will look at what the global family has been doing, and we will look at what we do at EVision to improve the environment. It isn’t just electric vehicles either.

The Theme of World Environment Day 2024, and the Story of a Movement

At a meeting of the UN General Assembly in 1972, the 5th of June was designated as World Environment Day and would be celebrated annually. This General Assembly also saw the creation of UNEP.

Each year is hosted by a different country and every one of them has a different theme (although a couple of the early events had the same theme). In 1973 it was the turn of Switzerland to play host, with a theme of ‘Only One Earth’. Recent years have seen themes such as ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution’, ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, ‘Time for Nature’, and ‘Beat Air Pollution’.

The theme for World Environment Day 2024 is ‘Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience. Even though each years’ theme changes, none is more important than any other. The themes just highlight how much work has been done and how much still needs doing.

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EVision in Two Parts

EVision’s contribution to World Environment Day 2024 can be looked at in two parts. In the first part we will look at what we are best known for, the electric vehicles. We were the very first hire company in the UK that only offered electric vehicles for rent. In the last 10 years we have expanded hugely, branching out with electric vans and electric pickup trucks. We have also continued growing our electric car fleet.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to provide many individuals and businesses with electric vehicles of their choice. Not only have we handed over electric cars, vans and pickup trucks at our collection points, we have also been delivering all over the UK.

Our customers aren’t just from British shores. We have built up such a well respected reputation that we have had customers from as far away as Australia and New Zealand. This global reach means that we can provide more EVs to more people visiting British shores. Spreading emission free and environmentally friendly vehicles to the masses.

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EVision Part Two – Behind the Electric Vehicles

Something that isn’t quite so obvious about EVision is how we generate our energy. For a start, all of our vehicles are charged up prior to their hires by solar power, via solar panels installed by our sister company, Sun Power Services. We also use this solar power to provide energy to our offices.

Our heating is also completely environmentally friendly, using a biomas boiler. Beyond this, we also aim to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can in order to make a difference. All of our partners and suppliers are vetted to make sure we only use eco friendly sources.

You can find out more by reading the EVision sustainability statement HERE.

Solar Power

A Few Final Words

Environmental events such as Earth Day and World Environment Day are not as widely celebrated as they should be. You will likely hear very little from the media about World Environment Day, and this is a great shame.

EVision will continue to do our bit to help preserve this earth. We only get one world, so it needs to be looked after. Our wonderful customers continue to prove to us that we are doing the right thing, hiring out fully green vehicles that can be “filled up” very cheaply. Thank you.

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