IM L6 – A Chinese Electric Car That Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Chinese flag with cars in front.

Another Chinese manufacturer has come forward with an electric car that is earmarked for release in Europe, and it is pretty amazing. The IM L6 is a technological wonder that has a very special battery feature. Everything will be revealed as we go through what we know about the EV so far.

Who Are ‘IM’?

IM was founded in late 2020 as a tie-up between MG parent firm SAIC, e-commerce giant Alibaba and R&D specialist Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, and it delivered the first examples of its L7 electric saloon in late 2021. However, it is the IM L6 that is reported to be the first of the manufacturer’s electric cars to be coming to the UK.

Chinese cars are slowly starting to trickle into Europe, and they are quite exceptional. Technologically brilliant and delightful to look at. China seems to be doing it right.

Chinese Street

What Can the IM L6 do?

First of all I should point out what style of electric car this is. The answer to this question is a saloon car. However, it isn’t just any saloon car. The design language is simply stunning. There is a real sporty look to the vehicle, and it has been said that the L6 will be a major competitor for the Tesla Model 3.

Performance wise, the IM L6 will bury the superb Tesla Model 3. The battery and motors of this new Chinese car will help you achieve 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. You can also get a range of 621 miles. This is simply unbelievable. All of this is down to the new battery technology that has been employed, for this will be the very first car to have a solid state battery.

Tesla Model 3

What Are Solid State Batteries?

Solid state battery capability was first discovered by British scientist, Michael Faraday, in his experiments between 1831 and 1834. However there were many issues in the development of an actual battery. It wasn’t until Kamaya, between 2010 and 2019, demonstrated the first solid-electrolyte. This was the breakthrough that meant that a solid state battery could compete with the traditional lithium ion battery.

There are many advantages to solid state battery technology which makes it something majorly important to develop. The greater energy density of the solid state battery allows it to produce greater amounts of energy. There is also great safety with the solid state battery. Lithium Ion batteries can have a spectacular chemical reaction when pierced. Although, with many years of development, blade batteries had seemed to deal with that issue.

It is thanks to the greater energy density that the IM L6 can achieve such great distances on a single charge. 

Solid State Battery Image

What Else Can We Add About the Car

We can tell you that the IM L6 is an electric saloon car that has been built from the ground up on dedicated electric architecture. The body is wonderfully curved and has clearly got the wind resistance and aerodynamics at the optimal levels.

There is a premium quality look to the cabin furniture and the dashboard is almost entirely covered with state-of-the-art infotainment screens. Electronic technology is something the Chinese do really well, and it is a skill that has been utilised by manufacturers from around the world.

In China, the IM L6 is retailing from around £32,000. For a car of this standard, both in quality and performance, this is really cheap for what you get. We just hope that the prices aren’t inflated too much when they make their debut.

In Conclusion

China never ceases to amaze the world with the vehicles they produce. This is yet another fantastic addition to the EV world and we cannot wait for it to arrive in the UK. A stunning saloon car with an unbelievable performance.

Unveilings at the Geneva Motor Show have given us some great electric cars in the past. I have a feeling that is another to add to the growing list of amazing EVs.

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