Electric Vehicle Sales Continue to Rise

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Electric vehicle sales continue to go from strength to strength. According to an article on Greenfleet News, uptake in April 2024 rose 10.7%, pushing up market share to 16.9%. This is wonderful news for those of us who are pushing for greater environmental responsibility and lower air pollution.

In this blog post we will be looking at four of the most popular electric cars on the market and discussing what makes them so great. Even better news for you, all of these amazing electric cars are available to hire from EVision Electric Vehicles.

Porsche Taycan – Pushing Electric Vehicle Sales Up

Released in 2019, the Porsche Taycan set Europe alight. The very first mainstream electric supercar and an absolute joy to drive. Being a Porsche, you would expect a premium vehicle that looks stunning. With this in mind, the Taycan is completely on brand.

The highest standards of the design language continue throughout the cabin. Luxurious styling and high level technology complement each other beautifully without any element looking out of place.

Performance capability is what really sets the Porsche apart. From the 0-60 mph time of just 4 seconds, to a real world range of around 260 miles, this is an electric vehicle that lives up to the premium brand name behind it.


The BMW i4 – Taking the Brand to Another Level

When it comes to being an early adopter of electric vehicles, BMW can stand tall and proud in the knowledge that they played a huge part in driving the EV industry on. Their BMW i3 quickly became an icon, with many saying that its production came to an end far too soon. We would have to agree with them on this point.

However, BMW has taken their wealth of automotive knowhow, along with their in-depth EV knowledge, and they produced the magnificent sports vehicle, the BMW i4. This is hands down one of the best cars we have ever seen.

The BMW i4 is another sporty coupe vehicle that just looks awesome. Performance is also a great feature of the i4. This 4WD car has a real world range of around 270 miles and a 0-60 mph time of just 3.7 seconds. If you want a car that looks good and is also fun to drive, then this could very well be it. There is no surprise that this car comes in the top 10 selling cars of 2024 so far.

BMW i4

Tesla Model 3 – The Second Generation of a Genius

No introduction is needed for the Tesla Model 3. The car that began the second generation of Tesla production cars, this is one vehicle that has been a common sight for several years already. Not only is the Tesla Model 3 one of the top selling electric cars since the day it was released, it is also one of the most popular vehicles hired from EVision.

EVision is proud to say that we have three versions of the Tesla Model 3 available to hire. All 3 of these models have the same low sporty saloon car look and fantastic technology inside. The real world range varies from around 215 miles for the standard Model 3 and 290 miles for the Tesla Model 3D Performance Long Range. Its 0-60 mph time is also pretty amazing, with between 5.1 seconds and 5.3 seconds to cover this distance.

Tesla Model 3

MG4 – Great For Electric Vehicle Sales

In our mini highlights list today, the last EV I want to talk about that came in the top 10 EV’s of 2024, is the MG4. The MG4 is currently third on the list of electric vehicle sales in the UK. There are many reasons for the vehicle’s success, and we absolutely love the car.

If you are looking for a fun hatchback that has plenty of space, great tech and just looks fabulous, then the MG4 should definitely be on your shortlist. With 220 miles of real world range, this is also a very practical EV. What’s not to love?



These are just a very few of the electric cars that we could have highlighted for you. However, they are pretty special and it is not surprising that they have all appeared in the current top 10.

As more and more major electric vehicles are released, you can be sure that many will be appearing on the EVision fleet. We love what we have seen so far, and we cannot wait for what comes in the next few years.

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