New Electric Vehicles Sales Targets. What Does it Mean for Us?

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Sales targets for electric vehicles in the UK have now been written into the law. As of 2024, we will see the target percentage for electric vehicles increase slightly annually, until 2035 when it will reach 100%. Notably, these policies have been made in conjunction with Scottish and Welsh governments, as well as the Northern Irish Department for Infrastructure.

The New Sales Targets

As of the 3rd of January, electric vehicle sales targets have been written into law. It is now mandated that 22% of new cars sold by manufacturers must be zero-emissions. A threshold for vans has also been set this year at 10%. Manufacturers are able to make use of flexibilities, such as carrying over allowances from previous years in order to meet the 22% sales target. Those who fail to keep up will have to pay the government £15,000 per polluting vehicle sold above the limits. 

Right now, electric vehicles account for 16% of the UK’s new car market, so the government is expecting to see a 6% increase in sales. Most manufacturers claim this is manageable, with some even stating they feel the government has been generous. However, not everyone agrees…

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Manufacturers Are Worried

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of car manufacturers are disillusioned with the new legislation. Many claim that the rules came too late for them to change production plans to increase electric vehicle sales. Some manufacturers have invested heavily into hybrid models, sales of which won’t count towards the companies final percentage. Others simply invested in electric vehicles too slowly, and now don’t have enough models in their range to make achieving the sales goals viable.

Rallying For Support

As well as lobbying for the sales targets to be decreased, many manufacturers are calling on the government for additional support. They are asking the government to do more to increase public confidence in cleaner, greener type vehicles. It has been suggested by the NFDA that the government needs to offer more attractive price incentives, as well as improve EV charging infrastructure across the country.

Moreover, as the government recently missed its target of installing 6 rapid chargers at every UK motorway service station, the NFDA are calling on the government to consistently meet their own targets, thus giving the public assurance in their range anxiety and confidence in buying an electric vehicle.

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How Does This Affect Customers?

The main way that we will see this new legislation affect customers, is that we will see car manufacturers begin to push their electric models more and more every year. By 2035, the government expects every car manufacturer to only sell electric vehicles.

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