Electric Vehicles We’re Excited About in 2024

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2024 promises to be a year of electric vehicles innovation. We’re expecting something for everyone, from city run-arounds to family tourers and even some luxury brands. Let’s take a look ahead, and explore some of the electric vehicles we’re most excited to see in 2024.

Kia EV9

We can expect to see the Kia EV9 on our roads very soon, as the first deliveries of the vehicle are shipping in January 2024. The latest model in Kia’s EV range has been described as the “daddy” of the fleet, and is certainly the most luxurious one yet. Every configuration of the EV9 comes with 7 seats and a 100kWh battery pack, which will result in a range of up to 336 miles.

Peugeot e-3008

The Peugeot 3008 will be getting an electric counterpart in 2024. Both hatchback and estate versions of the car will be offered, perfect for families who are looking for more space in their EV. We can expect the e-3008 to go to market in February 2024, with a range of around 248 miles. Later in the year, it is anticipated that a longer range (up to 435 miles) model will be made available.

Fiat Panda

Fiat intends to launch the electric Fiat Panda in July 2024, to coincide with their 125th birthday. The Panda that will launch is expected to be a less-is-more take on the existing petrol model. We are expecting to see a budget-friendly approach, as the car is to sit beneath the 500e in Fiat’s electric range. Right now, the electric Panda is only at the concept stage, so we are very keen to see which of the proposed features actually make the final model. 

Volvo EX30 

In 2024 we’re anticipating the release of the smallest SUV in Volvo’s electric range, the EX30. The EX30 is expected to enter the market at the same price as a petrol powered Volvo SUV, with an anticipated range of 214 miles. Described by AutoExpress as being the same size as a Volkswagen T-Roc, this new SUV comes with all of the luxury you would expect from Volvo, packed into a smaller shell. 

Polestar 3

The luxury car of the summer in 2024 is sure to be the Polestar 3. This will be a mid-sized SUV with an all-wheel-drive powertrain. According to Polestar, it can deliver a range of up to 379 miles, and will be branded an eco alternative to luxury combustion SUVs, such as the Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne. Of course, a luxury EV comes with a luxury price tag, but when framed against luxury combustion brands, a starting price of £79,000 makes sense.

Polestar 3


It’s very refreshing to see that a range of affordable and luxury EVs will be gracing the market in 2024. As we start to see the price of electric vehicles start to match the cost of a combustion vehicle, hopefully we will see an increase in uptake from the general public. Until then, why not consider hiring an electric vehicle, to do your bit for the environment and have fun with a new car?


*All information correct as of 12 January 2024

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