Mega Money Saving Tips for Charging your Electric Vehicle

EVision van at Gridserve station.

In 2023, the cost of utilities is increasingly higher compared to previous years. If you’ve just invested in an electric vehicle, or you’re thinking about taking the plunge, we understand you might be concerned about the cost of charging. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide, so you can do everything in your power to save money when charging your electric vehicle.

Keep your car between 20%-80%

The first and last 20% of your vehicle’s battery take the longest time to recharge. This means you’ll be using more energy, thus increasing your expenditure. Try to avoid letting your battery run down to that final 20%, and set a time to stop your charge when it reaches 80%. Not only will this save you money, it will also increase your battery’s health.

Charging points

Find free charging stations

Now that driving an electric vehicle is becoming more common, charging stations are popping up everywhere. The savvy driver will soon begin to learn where there are free electric vehicle charging stations in their local area. To give you a bit of a head start, customers who use Prince Bishops Car Park, when making an electric car rental in Durham, are entitled to two hours of free charging. Some attractions and hotels also offer free electric vehicle charge as part of your booking, so be sure to check their website. 

Check your energy tariff 

Charging your electric vehicle at home is certainly the most convenient method. You can top up your car’s battery while you carry out your daily tasks. If you get a charging point installed at your home, make sure you switch your energy tariff to one that has brilliant electric vehicle charging rates. Some energy companies offer reduced rates when charging your car during off-peak hours, and some offer reduced rates altogether. It definitely pays to compare different deals. 

EQC charging

Take advantage of government charging incentives

If you’re planning to make the switch to driving an electric vehicle full time, a charging point at your own home is a must. As the government is trying to encourage as many people as possible to make the switch to electric cars, there are plenty of incentives that make it more affordable. The electric vehicle charge-point grant, for example, is available to help lower the cost of installing individual charge points at people’s properties. You can even order more than one charger, if you have more than one electric vehicle at the property. 

Quickfire tips

Whilst the above tips will help you save money, sometimes, you just need a quick fix to help you keep your miles topped up. Why not try out some of these quickfire tips?

  • Utilise regenerative braking: this will recharge your battery as you slow down or go downhill. It’s a free way to add a few miles of range to your vehicle. 
  • Avoid charging your car every night: you wouldn’t fill your tank of petrol every night, so there’s no need to spend money on charging your car unless you really need it.
  • Charge your electric vehicle overnight when energy is the cheapest

We hope that you’re able to save a pretty penny, by implementing some of these mega money saving ideas. 

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