Citroen Ami v Fiat Topolino – Battle of the Cute Electric Cars

France and Italy combo image

When we think of electric cars we will usually think of SUVs like the Jaguar I-Pace or the Tesla Model Y. Maybe you are thinking of other electric cars such as the MG5, Tesla Model 3 or the BMW i3.

However, there has been a ripple in the EV matrix and it has produced two of the cutest additions to the electric cars market so far. The Citroen Ami (French for friend) and the Fiat Topolino (Italian for baby mouse). Both cars are tiny compared to other mainstream EVs, yet they are sure to be popular European electric cars.

The Citroen Ami – Small, French and Magnifique

Something that should be made clear from the start is that both the Citroen Ami and the Fiat Topolino are not technically electric cars. They are, in fact, classed as quadricycles and can be driven by a 16 year old with a 50cc moped licence in the UK. That being said, I will refer to them as electric cars throughout this blog. It’s just what they look like.

Starting with the Citroen Ami, this car was first released in 2020. You can be certain that eyebrows were raised when the Ami first hoved into view. It is certainly one of the more unusual vehicles you will ever see.

With a top speed of 28 mph, you are unlikely to set any speed records in this little cutie. However, you are clearly not buying this vehicle for high level performance. For its purposes, the 6kWh battery with a maximum range of 47 miles is perfect for smaller journeys.

Citroen Ami in light blue

The Fiat Topolino – Piccola, Macchina Magnifica (Small, Magnificent Car)

The Fiat Topolino is one of the more unusual electric cars released in 2023. Although this is technically a re-badged Citroen Ami, there are some very different design stylings to the Fiat version. The shape, for example, is very reminiscent of the earlier Fiat 500 cars from the Italian manufacturing giants. Just more squashed up.

A lack of doors is something that is almost instantly noticeable. The rope that crosses the doorway almost makes you feel as if you are entering the VIP area of something pretty special. In many ways, you are.

The battery and performance of the Fiat Topolino are almost identical to that of the Citroen Ami. This quadricycle is limited to 28 mph, plus it has a range of 46 miles being achieved from the 5.5kWh battery.

Fiat Topolino in light green

Tiny Quadricycles/Electric Cars – What’s the Point?

With such limitations to both of these vehicles you may be forgiven for asking yourself and others “what’s the point?”. However, both the Citroen Ami and the Fiat Topolino have their place on the market. Firstly, yes they are great novelty electric cars. However, they are also very useful for people who only have to travel very short distances, don’t carry lots of luggage, and who may have issues with parking where they happen to be.

Neither of these cars have been designed for cross-country driving. If you need a vehicle to travel a lot during the day, then these probably aren’t the vehicles you need. However, the lovable little machines certainly do have their place in the EV story. Electric cars should be fun, not just practical. The Citroen Ami and the Fiat Topolino have certainly achieved that objective. Merci Citroen. Grazie Fiat.

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