How Hot Weather Affects your Electric Vehicle

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It’s officially summertime in the UK, and we’re gearing up for another scorcher. Extreme temperatures can affect your electric vehicle in a number of ways. If you’re considering hiring an electric vehicle in Durham this summer, make sure you follow this guide and understand how hot weather affects electric vehicles.

Reduced battery range

Did you know that your electric vehicle battery range can be reduced when you operate it in heats over 35℃? A study by AAA found that a car lost 36 miles of range when it was driven in 35℃ heat, compared to being driven in 24℃ heat. Most drivers will be pleased to know these fun facts about how climate control affects battery range: 

  • Heating your car consumes more energy than cooling it
  • You can pre-cool your car while it is still plugged in to save battery power
  • The more you use your climate control, the more range and efficiency will be affected
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Climate control and vehicle optimisation 

As we’ve just discussed, using your climate control can mean your electric vehicle isn’t working to its full potential. There are a few tried and tested methods you can use to keep your car running as optimally as possible. Use automatic temperature control, rather than using your climate control manually, to ensure your car isn’t overworked. You can also aim to park in shaded areas, to avoid the need to use the AC. 

Avoid overheating

Electric cars are more susceptible to extreme heat than conventional vehicles. This is because they have larger batteries and more electronic components. The temperature rising can cause the battery to overheat and become less efficient. You should be careful to avoid congested routes in the hot weather, so your car is not left stationary and running. Drive as smoothly as possible, avoiding rapid acceleration and harsh braking, to remove strain from the battery and keep the electric car running smoothly. 

Prepare your EV for summer

Looking after your car all year round will help to prevent major problems. For example, in the run up, and throughout, summer make sure you’re checking your vehicle’s tyre pressure. Hot weather can cause tyres to expand, but regularly checking pressure can reduce the risk of blow outs on the road. Make sure you examine your battery, to ensure there is no damage. Aesthetically speaking, make sure you keep your car clean. You’re sure to see a build up of bugs and dirt during the summer; your electric vehicle should be gleaming and fresh. 


Final tips

If you’re looking for easy ways to keep your electric vehicle cool in the summer, we have some final tips to offer you. 

Consider installing a reflective window tint, or using a windscreen sunshield. You can often buy sunscreens that can be used year round as a snow preventer as well. Take advantage of a breeze by opening your car window a few minutes before you depart to cool it down. 

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy a fantastic day out wherever you end up!

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