Volkswagen – Why We Love Showing Our ID at the Door

Yellow ID.4 at an angle

I know I have used the ID pun before, but it’s a pretty good one so I’m sticking with it. After all, the Volkswagen ID cars are all really fun. This introduction just fits the brief.

Volkswagen has really come into the electric car market strongly and there are no signs that they are planning to stop any time soon. If you look on the EVision Electric Vehicles website you will find three of the great ID lineup available to hire. These being the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and the ID.5. In this blog post I will introduce you to each of them. Whichever one you choose to hire is up to you. You can’t go wrong though.

Volkswagen ID.3 – Where it all Began

Popularity doesn’t necessarily make a car good. However, when it comes to the Volkswagen ID.3 there is definitely a correlation. 

Since its release, the Volkswagen ID.3 has been a real crowd pleaser. Not only has there been huge demand for this magical little machine at EVision, there also seems to be an abundance of the ID.3 cars on the highways up and down the country. So what is it that makes this such a great little car?

Well, there are many things I could cover here. Firstly it is a smaller sized hatchback car. A thin level of competition has allowed the ID.3 to thrive where there is such a big demand. Secondly, it is just a really cute little car to look at and be in. Plus inside there is a lovely design language to the cabin.

Performance-wise you are looking at real world range of around 180 miles (250 miles for the Performance Long Range model), Both models have a top speed of 99mph (far more than you will ever need for UK roads), and a 0-60mph time of 8.2 seconds (7.9 seconds for the Performance Long Range). This is a car with some great numbers to it.

White Volkswagen ID.3

Vauxhall ID.4 – When You Need More ID

It’s a good pun. I’m still sticking with it. This electric car bears a lot of similarities to its sibling, more so than the similar name, however it is on the bigger size and falls into the SUV category. The Volkswagen ID.4 is such a great electric car. It seems unfortunate that it is in the SUV category which is famously saturated on the EV market.

The design language of the exterior is similar to the smaller car. The rear end is noticeably more elongated though, and it is taller and longer in the other aspects too. A bigger car means a bigger battery. With the Volkswagen ID.4 you can expect around 265 miles of real world range. There is still a 99mph top speed, and the 0-60mph time is 8.5 seconds. So, although slightly slower than the ID.3, it is by no means sluggish.

Overall, the Volkswagen ID.4 is a fantastic electric car that is highly underrated. If you want a comfortable family SUV car then this one should be on your shortlist for sure.

Yellow VW ID.4 side on

That Third Piece of ID

This is where things get a little different. The Volkswagen ID.5 is technically in the SUV category as well, but it certainly owes a lot of its design language to modern coupe/saloon style cars. A crossover that is very appealing.

As with the two previous incarnations, the interior design language is simply sublime. There are very comfortable seats with a really nice design to the fabric. The dashboard is minimalistic with a great layout too. In the boot you have absolutely boot loads (no pun intended) of room.

When it comes to performance, the Volkswagen ID.5 has a real world range of around 265 glorious miles. There is a top speed of 100mph and you can accelerate from 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds. A sporty performance for a sporty looking SUV.

Red VW ID.5

What Next?

Don’t expect Volkswagen to stop anytime soon. There are more vehicles coming in the ID range. We have already welcomed the ID.Buzz and I am sure we will see more from the range on the EVision forecourt once they are released. It is certainly an exciting time at Volkswagen and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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