What Makes a Great Holiday Car Rental?

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As summer fast approaches you may already be thinking about a holiday car rental. Whether you are popping across the English Channel to visit our Gallic neighbours, or whether you want to journey around the UK on an ever popular staycation, it makes sense to opt for a holiday car rental rather than taking your own vehicle. For a start, a different car can feel like a part of the adventure. Trying something a little different and fun.

So what makes a great holiday car rental? Here we will go through a few of our favourites and then let you decide for yourself which to go for.

Tesla Model Y

Where better to start than with the biggest selling electric car of 2023 so far, the Tesla Model Y. It makes great sense to choose this superb vehicle as your holiday car rental. Not only does the Tesla Model Y look fabulous, it also does everything electric cars should do and more.

Tesla, without a doubt, is far more advanced than any other manufacturer when it comes to in-car technology. As soon as other car builders think they have finally caught up, Tesla comes out with something new and mesmerising. The safety features and the range of the Tesla Model Y are quite exemplary. Its awareness of objects around the car is simply stunning. 

On the subject of range, the real world range of the Tesla Model Y Long Range (as available from EVision) is 260 miles plus. Tesla also has the most extensive and impressive charging network in the world. Tesla superchargers can be found all around the UK as well as from coast to coast in Europe.

A white Tesla Model Y

The MG4 is OMG Good

One of the newest electric cars to join the EVision Electric Vehicles lineup is the MG4. If you have not seen it yet, trust us, it is pretty astounding for a car in its price range. You certainly wouldn’t be disappointed making this your holiday car rental of choice.

The MG4 may be a hatchback car, but it has a generous wealth of space inside. Both the cabin and boot have a lot of room for either passengers or for your luggage. The technology is great as well. Crystal clear screens that are easy to navigate through and are packed with useful applications.

The MG4 has a real world range of 220 plus miles and is compatible with CCS rapid charging. This is a vehicle you could happily take on a long drive.

A red MG4

The Mercedes EQV – A Luxury People Carrier

You aren’t being denied a choice if you have a larger family or want to travel with a group of friends. We have some great holiday car rental vehicles for you too. At the more premium end of the scale you will find the large and supremely luxurious Mercedes EQV.

This is a seriously large people carrier with capacity for up to 7 people. There are absolutely bundles of room to be had in this luxury vehicle. Head room, leg room, anything else room, this is a people carrier in which all the passengers can sit back and truly relax in. The boot too is pretty cavernous and has plenty of room for your luggage and holiday treats.

Talking of treats, let’s look inside to see what you can find. One really quirky element is that the seats behind the front row can be turned around to face the back row of passengers. This is great if you have passengers who may want to play games together, or just see each other and be sociable.

The technology in the infotainment system is at the very highest level and matches the system found in the most premium, luxury Mercedes electric cars. A wide range of fun and useful applications are available to the driver and passengers to help make your trip an enjoyable and stress free experience.

A black Mercedes EQV

A Few Final Words

What makes the perfect holiday car rental is ultimately up to the individual and their needs. However, we have a whole host of electric vehicles available. There will be something in our range that will suit your own personal requirements.

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