Everything Electric – It Sure Is

Row of cars at Fully Charged Live

Robert Llewelyn’s Fully Charged Show has made a pretty big announcement, and it involves everything electric. As of the 4th of April 2023 the show has attracted a staggering 1 million subscribers. This is a figure that easily rivals shows on the major TV and Satellite networks, and it shows just how passionate people are about electric cars and green energy. Breaking the million subscriber barrier has led to another announcement by the team.  The Fully Charged Show Live events will be renamed as “Everything Electric”.

This makes a great deal of sense when you think about it. When EVision Electric Vehicles attended the very first live event at Silverstone in 2018, the focus was very much on the electric vehicles. Sure, there were some energy companies in attendance, but it was still a vehicle focused event. Since then, though, the focus has shifted, or at least been spread out, with many other green initiatives getting into the limelight.

The general public has embraced green energy in its entirety. Wall boxes for charging homes, solar power, and many other amazing innovations continue to grab the attention. So, what will be happening, where and when? Find out here.

A Fully Charged Brief History

Fully Charged Live has come a very long way since it’s inaugural event in 2018 where, if we are honest, the popularity of the event took everyone by surprise. It was pretty huge and it has only gotten bigger over time. We should know, as EVision Electric Vehicles has been involved at every event in England so far.

The success of the first Fully Charged event led to a pretty big expansion. North America was the next step on the adventure in 2020. America took Robert and his team to their hearts and the love was felt at the San Diego event. Sadly, due to the global pandemic, the San Diego event was the only one to go ahead in 2020.

Things slowly got back to normal towards the end of 2021, however, it was 2022 when the expansion started to really hot up. Not only did we see further events in the South of England and in San Diego, we also saw the inaugural event in mainland Europe, taking place in Amsterdam.

A panel at Fully Charged Live

Fully Charged Shows Everything Electric All Over the World

2022 was a year of big announcements. Not only would there be a Fully Charged Live event in the South of England, San Diego and Amsterdam in 2023, there would also be debut events for Australia, the North of England and in Canada. Robert Llewelyn was really planning to show off everything electric all around the world.

So far, of these new events, Australia was the first to get up and running back in March. Our friends Down Under really got behind the team and they had a fantastic event. Australia is a perfect country for widening the use of green energy. The scope for solar power in the land of Oz is just mind-blowing.

Farnborough is next up in April, where you will see the EVision team yet again, and then the North of England will follow in May with a show in Harrogate, before Canada joins the party in September. All of these shows are guaranteed to be incredibly popular with large crowds of green energy enthusiasts who are excited by everything electric.

Hall at Fully Charged Europe

2024 – A Year of the Everything Electric Rebrand

Anyone following Fully Charged will probably be aware that there is a big change coming. Although the YouTube shows will still be called the Fully Charged Show, the live events around the globe will be rebranded as “Everything Electric”. The rebrand, as stated, is clearly a point towards the expansion of the show’s focus. Magnificent cars, vans, scooters, bikes and much more will still be in evidence, but there will also be so many other areas of the green energy industry on view.

Along with this big rebrand, Robert Llewelyn has also announced that there will be a third UK event which will be held at the ExCel Centre in London. This promises to be the biggest electric vehicle and home energy expo in the world. Going by what we have seen so far, there is absolutely no reason to doubt the veracity of this statement. We can’t wait to see where the team takes Fully Charged next. It really does seem like we are seeing everything electric and we absolutely love it!

EVision at the first Fully Charged Live

EVision at Fully Charged Live 2023

As you would expect, EVision Electric Vehicles will be in attendance at the Fully Charged Live event in Farnborough at the end of April 2023. Come and see us as we show off two pretty amazing electric vehicles, the Rivian R1T and the Ford F150.

Both of these American pickup trucks are still, at the time of writing, not being manufactured for the British market. While we hope that both makes and models become available at some point soon, come and see what the Americans are driving.

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