Everything We Know About the Volkswagen ID.7 So Far

VW Vizzion red 1

We weren’t expecting to get a look at Volkswagen’s ID.7 until April this year. Volkswagen, however, has given a small sneak peak to some EV enthusiasts, and we’ve managed to get the details. Keep reading to find out everything we know so far about the brand new Volkswagen ID.7.

Building on a great start 

As we know, Volkswagen has had a great start since transitioning to electric vehicles. The ID.3 and ID.4 have been a global success. It’s believed that they will be putting any previous errors right with this model (though we don’t know a lot right now). Most importantly, the ID.7 will be the fifth second electric car made by Volkswagen in Europe! The ID.7 will soon be available for hire when you’re looking for electric car rental in Durham.

vizzion in red 2

The exterior 

Executives at Volkswagen have announced that they plan for the ID.7 to be their flagship model. This means it will be the biggest car in the Volkswagen electric car fleet. We can now anticipate that the next models Volkswagen release (possibly the ID.1 and the ID.2) will be smaller cars. 

From just looking at the exterior of this car, it’s clear to see that focus has been made on aerodynamics. Volkswagen is aiming to get the drag coefficient really low in order to increase the range of the vehicle. This model is almost 5 metres long, so different from the Volkswagen Passat that most were expecting this vehicle to be modelled on. 

Right now, Volkswagen are claiming the range will be up to 700km (around 435 miles). This will be achieved by the sleek, slippery design, as well as incorporating the biggest battery we’ve seen on an EV yet.

id vizzion in red 3

The inside

Volkswagen is aiming for premiumness with this model. They’ve highlighted that they’re considering the Tesla Model 3 to be their long range competitor. This is a huge hint for the market of the car as well as the cost. It’s likely the ID.7 will be comparable with the Polestar 2, the BMW i4 and the Ioniq 6. 

We can see from the exterior that this car is huge. This will be comparative to how large the interior will be, so we’re anticipating plenty of leg and height room in the rear. The entire back piece opens up, making this vehicle practical for getting things in and out. 

The most exciting feature so far however, is the climate control. The ID.7 can detect how close you are to the car with the key and will heat the car up or cool it down in anticipation for your arrival. It can also detect where the sun is and who’s getting the most of it, supplying air con or heat to the occupants accordingly. 

Best of all is the redesign of the user interface. The climate control is now lit up, making it easier to find. It is also on the screen at all times. The screen itself is bigger (up to 15 inches), making it easier for the driver to have a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

We are sure that we’ll have even more information about this model in April, then we hope to start sharing the car itself with you!

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