The Rivian Has Arrived!!!

Front angled Rivian R1T

Yes, you read that correctly, the famous electric truck, the Rivian, has arrived at EVision and we are absolutely thrilled to see it. We are the first people in the United Kingdom to offer the Rivian for hire, so you will not see it anywhere else for now.

In fact, we were so keen to get our hands on the Rivian that we have obtained one with left hand drive (the steering wheel on the left of the car rather than on the right). No Rivian has been manufactured yet with a right hand drive cabin.

The Rivian R1T – Welcome to EVision Electric Vehicles

For those in the know, or who read our recent blog post on the Rivian, you will be familiar with the two different models of the Rivian, the R1T and the R1S. Well, we can confirm that the first Rivian to enter through the EVision doors will be the Rivian R1T.

The Rivian R1T is the truck version of the vehicle as opposed to the SUV version. In fact, for anyone with a basic awareness of the Rivian, it will be the truck version that you will be familiar with. Nearly all review videos we have seen over the last year have featured the R1T rather than the R1S. The features of this truck are pretty special indeed.

White Rivian R1T side on

A Beast – But in a Good Way

There are no two ways about it, the Rivian is a big, big electric vehicle. Built for the American roads, the truck has not been advertised too much on these shores. However, don’t let size put you off. After all, it is still a lot smaller than a bus or a lorry. The Rivian can be driven quite easily on British roads. Although you may want to avoid back lane driving.

Despite its size, the Rivian doesn’t have an aggressive styling to it like you find on most other trucks. The edges are smooth and rounded, there is no angry grille at the front, and the lighting is, dare I say it, quite cute. This vehicle has a very friendly face.

rear angle of Rivian R1T

The Inside View

There is a wonderful combination of style and comfort in the cabin of the Rivian. The driver’s seat naturally sits high up with excellent views all around. The dashboard is very clean and free from clutter. The vehicle can be controlled through the buttons on the steering wheel and/or through the impressive infotainment screens.

The infotainment system is very prominent at the front of the vehicle. You’ll find that the screen is clear and has a very high standard of graphics. A lot of very useful applications are available to the driver via these screens, and they are easy to navigate to.

Open back on a Rivian R1T

Performance Stats For the Rivian R1T

First off, let’s talk about the battery. As we’ve said, this is a very big vehicle. For a big electric truck you’re going to need a lot of power. Luckily, with a 135kWh battery you will have plenty of power going into the vehicle.

With this large battery you get a very impressive range. The EPA quoted range is 314 miles. This is a superb amount of range for such a large vehicle, beating many cars currently available.

It’s not just the range that is impressive. Looking at the other stats that come with this vehicle and you will see why this truck has been desired so much. There is a top speed of 124mph and, incredibly, the Rivian can go from 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds!!! That is just a ridiculously fast acceleration for a truck. We like it.

To book your hire, or to find out more about our Rivian, visit our Rivian page on the website.

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