Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y – Legendary Status Achieved

White Tesla Model Y

For a long time, the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X ruled the waves in the electric vehicle world. Of course, they would. There were no other electric cars on the market that came close to either of these vehicles for a very long time. However, as other manufacturers started releasing great EV after great EV, we wondered when Tesla were going to follow up on their great success.

It took some time, but Elon’s great EV machine eventually came out with the Tesla Model 3 (after much time teasing us with its impending launch). The Model 3 was an instant smash and we then wanted more. Enter the next great vehicle in the range, the Tesla Model Y.

Both of these new vehicles have been hugely successful since coming out. They were, in fact, the biggest selling electric cars in the world in 2022 by some way. What is it that makes them special? Here I will look at both of these cars.


Starting with the Tesla Model 3, this is a smaller version of the Tesla Model S and helped bring the stellar American manufacturer to the masses. The legendary car brand was suddenly more affordable to those who wanted the big EV name to help their greener driving.

There is definitely a sporty look about the Model 3. It has a low height and a gloriously curved body shape that makes it quite appealing to the eye. Who wouldn’t want to be seen behind the wheel of such a wonderful looking machine?

The Tesla Model Y, on the other hand, is the more affordable version of the Tesla Model X. Like the Model 3 compared to the Model S, the Modey Y is smaller than its compatriot but is no less stunning. The styling is actually quite similar to the Tesla Model 3, but with a higher roof giving the vehicle more space inside to play with.

Tesla Model Y

Stepping Into A New World

Looking at the interior of both the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y, they are both very similar in appearance, style, comfort and technology. The only real difference is the amount of space afforded to the occupants of each vehicle.

The interiors are clean, uncluttered and beautifully styled. Both the Model 3 and the Model Y have gone for a landscape style infotainment screen rather than the portrait screens that are found in the Model S and Model X. This was done as it was found that the landscape style is easier for the driver to navigate and use. Of course, there are many who prefer the portrait version. All down to personal preference really.

Speaking of the infotainment system, there is still no technology that comes close to those found in the Tesla vehicles. An opinion that may be seen as controversial is that Tesla are a technology company that makes cars. Other manufacturers are, generally, car companies who add technology to their beautifully created vehicles. This is a key reason why the technology in Tesla cars is so good. The car is built around it. Car building was not natural to Tesla. It took some time for them to perfect it and they have done really well.

Dashboard and infotainment system of Tesla Model Y

Talking of Tesla Performance

Here at EVision we have 3 different models of the Tesla Model 3. I will go through each of them here.

Starting with the standard version of the Tesla Model 3. This is a 2WD car that is powered by a 46kWh battery. You can expect at least 215 miles of real world range from the standard version, which is plenty to keep you on the road. There is a top speed of 140mph and you can get to 60mph in just 5.6 seconds.

Next up is the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. This is a 4WD car that is powered by a 74kWh battery. With this you can expect at least 310 miles in real world terms on a single charge. The top speed is 145mph and you can get up to 60mph from standstill in just 4.2 seconds.

Finally there is the Tesla Model 3D Performance Long Range. This is also a 4WD drive car that is powered by a 75kWh battery. The range is a brilliant 290 miles, you can get up to 162mph, and you can go from 0-60mph in a lightning 3.3 seconds.

The Tesla Model Y also has a 75kWh battery powering the beast above. Remember that the Tesla Model Y is a larger vehicle than the Tesla Model 3 when looking at these figures. However, they are still impressive numbers. You can expect a real world range of at least 260 miles. The top speed is an awesome 135mph and you can go from 0-60mph in just 5 seconds. Not too shabby at all.

Row of Tesla Model 3 cars in white
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