The Electric Evolution of BMW

BMW iX 40

As we have previously said in blog articles, the team at BMW are really stepping up their production of electric vehicles. We love BMW and we are really happy to see them finally building on their earlier electric car legacy.

Here I will briefly discuss the BMW electric cars on the EVision fleet. Then I will go through two BMW electric cars that we have coming this year. This is very exciting news and we hope you are looking forward to seeing these cars too.

Showing Off What We Have

Evision was originally set up as a supercar company many years ago. However, as more electric vehicles came on the market, we expanded our fleet to include a more diverse range of cars and vans. The first car introduced in this expansion was the BMW i3.

I have to say, the news that BMW has stopped making this iconic small EV is quite devastating. The BMW i3 is still incredibly popular. You notice these cars all over the place, no matter where you go. In fact, the BMW i3 is still the most recognisable mainstream EV you can see today. Luckily you can still hire the i3 from EVision.

BMW i3s

What Next?

BMW took time to follow up on the i3. However, the BMW iX 40 joined the EVision fleet recently and it is superb. Going a slightly different way with the follow up cars. The iX 40 is a large SUV style vehicle that is really distinctive, Particularly the grille at the front.

This car went more premium than the BMW i3 and it employs some amazing technology. Performance and driving comfort are also highly rated. If you want to find out more, you can read my recent blog article about the car.

The BMW i7

A new BMW addition to the EVision fleet that we hope to receive in the first half of this year is the BMW i7. This is a vehicle that is taking the German manufacturer to the next level and then some. Built as a luxury saloon/coupe, the BMW i7 is an absolute beauty to look at. There is still that aggressive looking grille which makes this unmistakably BMW. However, it is when you get inside the car that you notice just how luxurious and premium this vehicle is.

The inside of the car has been described as a cinema on wheels. Both the audio and visual components are built to the highest level, reaching the next level of in-car entertainment. Passengers in the rear seats can treat themselves to a 31 inch touch screen that can be lowered or raised. And if that isn’t enough, the seats in the back are proper lounge seats that can give the passengers a massage. Never has travel been so highly refined.

Performance is also premium standard. The WLTP rating for the range is 387 miles. However, a real world range of around 300 miles is more realistic. The acceleration capability is superb. You can reach 0-62mph in a ridiculously fast 4.7 seconds. Of course, the vehicle is so quiet that you will be unlikely to feel the acceleration in action.

A more detailed review will be given when the car arrives. Stay tuned.

BMW i4 M50

Another BMW masterpiece that we are looking forward to getting our hands on in 2023 is the BMW i4 M50

This car is a classic coupe style and is based on the BMW Model 4 series. In fact, the i4 is built on the same underpinnings as the 4 series. Of course, instead of an internal combustion engine the i4 comes with powerful motors. One motor on each axle to be precise.  This helps the BMW i4 M50 achieve an astonishing 536 brake horsepower and 586lb per foot of torque. You just know that this car is going to have a powerful acceleration when you put your foot down. Plus with a top speed of 139.8mph you have a lot of oomph under you.

These are exciting times for EV enthusiasts. We get just as excited as our customers when we hear about new vehicles. Everything seems to bring something different to the table. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can share these fantastic cars with you as well.

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