The BMW iX Rated

Side on view of BMW iX 40 facing left

After BMW released the BMW i3 there was a lot of hope and speculation that they would follow this very popular and excellent car with another. Unfortunately they made us wait. Boy, did they make us wait. However, now that the electric vehicle revolution is in full swing, BMW are stepping up to the plate and are delivering once again. One car in particular that I am going to showcase today is the BMW iX 40. 

The BMW iX40 is one of the first from the current generation of electric vehicles. I for one really hope that BMW doesn’t take as long before they bring out their next range of electric cars. BMW hit the spot from the beginning. They understood what an electric car should be and they did it very well indeed.

BMW iX 40 – The Wow Factor

BMW doesn’t like the meek and mild approach when it comes to delivering new vehicles. The BMW i3 was, for example, a masterpiece of design. Nothing like it had been seen before and nothing like it has been seen since. When it comes to the BMW iX 40, WOW, they have made this another very noticeable vehicle.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, saying that the grille on the BMW iX 40 is noticeable is like saying Pele was quite good at football. This is a big and beautiful frontage that carries some serious attitude. What’s more, we love it!

Electric cars are different. Sometimes they want to stand out. This is something I can definitely get behind. It almost seems like they don’t want to be confused with petrol or diesel cars. They are looking different and saying “I’m not with those guys”. Individuality such as this should be celebrated.

Black BMW iX 40 facing right

A View From The Outside

Let’s look beyond the front of the car. What is the BMW iX 40? Well, it is a large, family SUV (there are a lot of them in the EV world aren’t there). But it is more than that. There is a lovely executive look about the BMW iX 40 that the simple SUV tag doesn’t give justice to. 

I love how the back of the vehicle contrasts with the front. Whereas you have the aggressive introduction at the front, the rear is beautifully curved and crafted to perfection. The nice rounded edges and the bubble like slope gives the BMW iX 40 even more subtle personality.

Seats inside a BMW iX 40

Going From The Outside In

BMW is a brand that can do both reasonably priced and luxury vehicles very well. The BMW iX 40 is, without a doubt, more towards the premium side of things. One look at the furniture inside tells you everything you need to know about the level of quality. Well styled and extremely plush. You don’t even need to sit in the seats to know that they are going to be supremely comfortable.

Now, it wouldn’t be a BMW electric car without something a little different and funky in the cabin. Well, the steering wheel has that covered all by itself. I love the hexagonal shape of the steering wheel. However, I do know that this can be a matter of personal preference. Some people love it and others… not so much.

The dashboard and the steering wheel itself are clean and uncluttered. There are buttons there for what you need buttons for but mostly it can be controlled through the central infotainment screen. The tech is stunning to look at, plus you have all the applications you would normally expect to find. Satellite navigation, reverse cameras etc are all present.

There is a tonne of space in the cabin and in the boot. As the BMW iX 40 is built on EV architecture, there is extra space afforded through the floor. Even the floating console at the front makes more space for a bag or two.

Dashboard and steering wheel of BMW iX 40
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