Ford e-Transit – The Van We Have Been Waiting For

Ford e_transit van from the side

When it comes to vans, there is none more iconic than the Ford Transit. Luckily for us electric vehicle enthusiasts, there is an electric version of the van in the shape of the Ford e-Transit. This is something many people have been waiting a long time for, and for very good reason.

Ford Transit is a byword reliability. When you think of the word “van” it is usually the Ford Transit that you picture in your mind. There is a good reason for this. The Transit has been around for a long time and it has endured. The Transit is a hard-wearing, reliable and great sized vehicle for commercial use. I am confident that the Ford e-Transit will be just as successful in the next few years.

A History of EVision Electric Vans Before the Ford e-Transit

Vans are a big part of EVision. We have had electric vans on our fleet since the first viable ones came to the market. The demand for these types of commercial vehicles has been strong for a number of years and is only growing as we move closer to the 2030 ban on new petrol or diesel vehicles.

Our very first vans were the Renault Kangoo and the Vauxhall Vivaro-e. Both of these models continue to be incredibly popular and have been integral to some major events. Some of which we can tell you about, such as the London Marathon, and some that we can’t, which I won’t. Businesses and events want to be green and be seen as being environmentally friendly. For logistic purposes, this means that it is the humble work van that takes centre stage.

In the last two years we have added to our electric van numbers with the fantastic Vauxhall Combo-e and the hugely impressive Maxus eDeliver 9. Both of which have seen a huge demand due to their capabilities. Being able to save money in the Low Emission Zones and Congestion Charge areas of the country also helped.

However, it is the Ford e-Transit that has been the most enquired about. As soon as news of its release was made public, there was an instant demand for such an amazing machine. It isn’t just the name that is turning heads. It’s what the van can do which is so impressive.

Cargo area of the Ford e-Transit van

First Appearances

Looking at the Ford e-Transit from the outside, there is very little to show that it is an electric version of the standard petrol or diesel Transits. However, there are three very distinctive blue lines across the grille at the front which give the game away.

This is a good looking and big work van that makes the most of any aerodynamic opportunities to enhance the van’s performance on the road.

The cargo area at the rear of the Ford e-Transit is incredibly spacious and is capable of holding a couple of euro-pallets. There is certainly plenty of room for most work purposes. Looking at the cab itself, there is a lot to really like. The dashboard and infotainment screen don’t look super premium like you would get in a lot of electric cars. However, it certainly doesn’t look cheap, as you might find in some vans. This is a practical cab that is built for work use.

Having said that, the cloud-connected infotainment system is absolutely brilliant. There are lots of really helpful applications included, and a superb satellite navigation system. The graphics on the screen are crystal clear and the system is very responsive.

Infotainment screen

Performing in a Ford e-Transit

As with most vehicles, there are various models of the Ford e-Transit coming onto the market. Here I can tell you about the first of the models that we have available to hire at EVision. 

First of all, let’s discuss the cargo area. Here you have a loadspace length of 3,083mm, there is a loadspace height of 1,786mm and loadspace capacity of 9.5 metres cubed. Payload capacity is 873.3kg and the kerbweight comes to 2,482kg.

When it comes to the performance of the Ford e-Transit, there are some really great numbers for an electric van. You have a range of around 200 miles which is pretty fantastic for a large vehicle such as this. The top speed is a respectable 85mph, and you can achieve 0-62mph in an unbelievable 7 seconds. This makes the Ford e-Transit quicker than quite a lot of electric cars.

These figures show that the van is great for working needs. The driver and up to two passengers can travel to the job in comfort, knowing that they have the vehicle to help get the work done.

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