Mercedes EQA 300 – Es Ist Wirklich Gut (It’s Very Good)

Mercedes EQA 300 in the snow

As you are probably aware, here at EVision Electric Vehicles we have had the Mercedes EQA 250 on our fleet. However, we now have some of the Mercedes EQA 300. This is the latest in the model line and is a step up from what we have previously offered.

Here we will review the Mercedes EQA and will look in particular at the EQA 300 model.

A Look Back at the Mercedes EQA

The Mercedes EQA is the smallest of the manufacturer’s EQ models. Within this range the German legacy car maker has mixed it up between using bespoke EV architecture or using the underpinnings of one of their conventionally fuelled models. 

In the case of the Mercedes EQA, they have decided to go with the latter. This vehicle is based on the same architecture as the Mercedes GLA SUV/hatchback. There are no issues with this, however, as the GLA size and shape is perfectly fine for what Mercedes were hoping to achieve with their EV model.

You will find a few noticeable differences though. On the Mercedes EQA there is a closed off grille on the front. As it is an EV, there is no need for the level of cooling that the GLA requires. There are also some blue hues on the Mercedes EQA which allude to the vehicles electric power.

Taking A Look Inside

When you step into the Mercedes EQA you really appreciate straight away that this is a quality product that you are about to take command of. 

The dashboard absolutely screams premium quality. At first it can seem quite imposing when you see all the objects in front of you. However, a lot of what you see is the air ventilation. There aren’t as many buttons as first appearances lead you to believe.

Speaking of the air vents, the chrome finish is absolutely gorgeous. There is something about the chrome colour against the black backdrop which just looks so stylish. This is, of course, a personal preference, but these chrome touches give the EQA a very luxurious appeal.

For its size, the Mercedes EQA has a good amount of room. Remember that this is meant to be a small SUV/hatchback so you won’t quite get the copious amounts of space that you will find in some of the other EQ range. That’s absolutely fine though. They are different specifications to fit different needs.

Chrome air vent in Mercedes EQA 300

A Performance Worthy of  a BAFTA

Looking specifically at the Mercedes EQA 300, there is a 66.5kWh usable battery which powers the vehicle. This is the same as the 250 version, however, there is an extra motor fixed to the rear of the car which gives it a bit more oomph. Although the top speed is restricted to 99mph as per the other variations of the EQA, the Mercedes EQA 300 has much more torque. This means that you can achieve 0-62mph in 7.7 seconds. You really feel all 228hp pulling you along.

As you would expect from a premium vehicle, the Mercedes EQA 300 has rapid charging capability and can take charges of speeds up to around 100kW. This means that you can get from 10-80% of charge in just over 30 minutes. Not as quick as some other makes and models, but still not too bad.

Final Thoughts

Our overall impression of the Mercedes EQA 300 is extremely positive. It is a classy car that lives up to the Mercedes quality name. The comfort and tech is at the very highest level, as we have come to expect, and the performance is superb.

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