The EVision Electric Vehicles News From 2022

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As you would expect, most of the electric vehicles news we have come up with involves the electric vehicles we have to hire out. However, now and then, we do publish stories that we think are fun or are in the public interest.

Here are just some of those stories that we have had the pleasure of sharing with you in 2022.

Electric Vehicles News – January to March


January started off a year of hope. A time to look forward to a post-pandemic era. So what better way to start than by having a light-hearted look at celebrities who drive eco-friendly cars. This is what we did on the 15th of January. 

Obviously there were some well known electric car drivers such as Prince Charles (as he was at the time) and Robert Downey Jr. However, there were a few others that may have surprised you. Lorraine Kelly, James Corden and Ed Sheeran have all embraced the EV revolution. Read the story in full here.


In February we brought you news that the RAC were beginning trials of electric vans for attending breakdowns. Little did we know at the time that the RAC and the AA would move so quickly over the following months with advancements in dealing with EV ready breakdown services. Both services have since brought in special charging and towing equipment to help out. We salute them. You can read the full article here.


In March we wrote a story about the issues that are encountered by disabled electric car drivers. We highlighted issues that many hadn’t even considered before. There were solutions in the article that we brought to your attention, knowing that electric vehicles are for everyone. Read the story here.

Electric Vehicles News – April to June


Here at EVision we are proud to say that we charge all of our vehicles using solar power. With this in mind, it felt appropriate to write an article all about the glory of solar power. What is it? How does it work? What does the future hold for solar and what developments are being made? This was a very interesting piece to research and write about. We hope you were interested as well. You can read all about it here.


Electric vehicles, whether car, van, boat, bike or aeroplane, we love them all. We also love how quirky and fun they can be. In May we published a great article all about that fun and quirky side. We are sure you will be very interested in what  we reported on. Read it here and tell us what you think.


In June we decided to write about a very important issue that we had come across through various research trawls. Women on their own having to charge their EV. This piece highlighted issues such as poor lighting and charge points being in very remote places. We are happy to see that there have been some improvements in the last year to increase safety, however, there is still more to do. Read the article for yourself here.

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Electric Vehicles News – July to September


As we entered into the Summer months we decided to talk about new developments by the manufacturer, Smart Car. They announced that they are bringing a new electric crossover to the market and this is something that interested us. Smart Car stopped making petrol and diesel cars a little while ago. It is a perfect platform for electric vehicles as well. Read what we had to say about it here.


During the month of August we thought it would be helpful to share our tips on how to maintain and service an electric vehicle. Obviously this does not apply to our customers so much as we will service the car for you, even on long term hires. If this is something that will help you, then read about it here.


Another myth busting blog post was published on the 13th of September. So many times we have heard that the National Grid cannot cope if everyone went electric overnight. This being despite the fact that National Grid have themselves said that there are no issues. Find out a bit more about the UK power supply and exactly why there is absolutely no need to panic as we all go electric in the next few years. Read about it here.

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Electric Vehicles News – October to December


Entering into the final quarter of the year we decided to post another light-hearted blog. This time we talk about the electric vehicles that are advertised on TV and through streaming services. Another very enjoyable article to both write and read. You can find the article here


A familiar name was the subject of one of our November blog posts. The Vauxhall Astra-e had been announced and we were excited to know more. Many of us will be familiar with many incarnations of the Vauxhall Astra in the 80’s and 90’s. Find out what we had to say about the new electric version unveiling here.


The final month of 2022 is upon us and we have kept the news coming. A blog post that we enjoyed researching and writing this month is on some of the great Christmas destinations you can visit from each of our collection points around the UK. We hope that this was a helpful article and that you managed to enjoy some festive time at the various places mentioned. If you want to find out where we recommended so you can make a note for next year, then read about it here.

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