Electric Cars – Beating the Snow Show

Electric vehicles in the snow

Love it or hate it, snow is coming down all over the place this winter (like most winters actually). One thing that can be agreed on is that the white stuff is problematic for many travellers on the road.

However, here at EVision we have a number of electric vehicles that are more than capable of dealing with the Baltic conditions.

First Things First

I just love busting electric vehicles myths that we see constantly flying around. One of these unfabulous myths is in regards to electric vehicles in the snow. Now, this one is up there with “can electric vehicles be driven in the rain?” or “can electric vehicles be taken through a car wash?”. There are people who will tell you that an electric vehicle will break down more easily in the snow, or that they cannot be driven safely in these wintery conditions. To anyone who spouts this nonsense, I say stop talking out of your poisonous exhaust pipes.

What we do know is that cold weather will affect a car’s battery and that the range will decrease. However, you are less likely to have any issues with things freezing up or breaking down. There are fewer moving parts in an EV, not to mention fewer liquids going through the innards as well. There is no evidence that an electric vehicle is any more likely to break down at any time compared to ICE vehicles (according to the AA themselves), and when an electric car does break down, it is usually for the same reasons that most ICE cars do. The tyres (although this is still very rare. Do not panic!).

What Makes a Good Snow Car?

When looking at this question I think that we need to look at more than one area. Firstly, the performance of the car and how it handles in the snow is important. What features, for example, does a car have that will make it more desirable for icy conditions?

Secondly I think we need to also consider the comfort and convenience features of electric cars. Aside from performance, is there anything else that an electric car can do to help the winter driver? 

I will look at these points in turn and come up with a few ideas on vehicles you can hire. Read on for more.

A Snowy Performance

Gripping the ground as much as possible in icy conditions is probably the most important aspect to look for in a car when winter falls. The best vehicles to do this are those that are equipped with four-wheel-drive. Luckily most vehicles on the EVision fleet have this feature.

Just a few of our amazing cars that are four-wheel-drive or are available in four-wheel-drive include the:

With electric vehicles you have to remember that they already have a very low centre of gravity due to the battery lying so low. This is another feature of EVs that helps them stick tighter to the road.

Mercedes EQB
Tesla Model 3D Performance Long Range
Polestar 2 Hire

Fantastic Features For When it Freezes

On a cold morning the last thing you want is to be spending ages scraping the ice off the windows, or waiting for the heater to warm up to a temperature that is comfortable for driving. Well, nearly every vehicle available from EVision Electric Vehicles comes with remote access to allow you to heat the car and defrost the vehicle before you start off on your journey.

Heated seats are an absolute godsend when the mercury drops below zero. Many of our vehicles include this feature, including the Mercedes, Tesla, Porsche, Hyundai and Kia cars. Our dedicated team will be able to help you with which cars have this feature.

The Kia EV6 GT Line S also has a snow specific feature. Along with eco, normal and sports modes, the EV6 also has a snow mode. What this does is increase the traction of the car to make it much safer when driving in slippery conditions.

As I’ve already stated, our amazing team of EV experts will be able to assist you in finding the features you need on any car we have available to hire. Whatever you decide to rent from us, we look forward to welcoming you.

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