The Mercedes EQA: Another German Masterpiece

EQA at an angle

You will be forgiven if you think you are getting a sense of deja vu. The term Mercedes EQ[insert letter here] has been a familiar theme in the last few months. German efficiency is another term that you are probably becoming very familiar with. Well, we have been getting a lot of the fabulous Mercedes EQ range lately, and the Mercedes EQA has now joined the EVision family.

There will obviously be some features that are familiar and some others that are less so. Here I will give you a run-through of the vehicle to give you a bit of a feel for it.

Initial Thoughts

Although at EVision we have already added several of the Mercedes EQ range to our fleet, the Mercedes EQA was the third of the EQ range to be released alongside the EQC and the EQV (they obviously weren’t too worried about keeping it in alphabetical order). 

The EQA is an SUV electric car. If it looks familiar, then there is good reason for that. It is almost identical to the Mercedes GLA (the combustion engine equivalent that this was based on). They are so similar from the outside that you would have to have a good eye to spot the differences. The chrome touches around the car, for example. Or the aerodynamic wheels that you find on the EQA. Everything is about efficiency as much as possible.

Other differences include the “grille” which, as you know, isn’t really a grille. Electric cars don’t need the air intake that their petrol or diesel (unwanted) siblings do. Instead there is a polished black nose. There is also a really nice full bar lighting on the front and the rear of the car which looks absolutely awesome at night.

EQA facing right

The Inside Look of the Mercedes EQA

The interior of the EQA is, as you would expect, extremely plush and stylish. It’s Mercedes after all. This is what they do. They also do it incredibly well. Another difference between this car and the GLA version is the stitching on the seats and floor mats which is nicely coloured in contrast to the background, and the blue hue that is in the air vents. This is to show that this is unashamedly electric.

There is plenty of room in the cabin. The leg space and headroom in the rear of the cabin is very generous, even if sitting behind a tall person in the front seats. The boot also has good space in it. There are 360 litres with the rear seats up. There is also under floor space for your cables and other car paraphernalia.

One other thing that should be mentioned is the excellent seating position for the driver. You are positioned quite high up which allows for absolutely superb vision all around the front of the vehicle. Vision is absolutely excellent all around the EQA.

Time to Talk Tech

The tech inside the Mercedes, just like its other electric car siblings, is absolutely fantastic. You have the two screen infotainment system that is crystal clear, beautifully presented and very easy to use. It is also supremely responsive to commands.

One nice feature that I would love to point out is on the sat nav. This vehicle will take into account the charging speeds of the chargers on your planned route. It will also adjust the ETA depending on how long you will need to charge at each location. It’s a small point, but it makes life just a little bit easier.

As we are finding more and more these days, there are usb-c ports in both the front and rear of the cabin. The lack of any charge ports in the rear of vehicles had been a bugbear for a long time, but it seems that manufacturers have finally listened.

Dashboard of a mercedes eqa

A Green Vehicle Through and Through

Green credentials are important for any modern electric car manufacturer. The Mercedes EQA is certainly no different. Not only is the vehicle already green from being a battery electric car, it also has seats made from vegan leather.

Whilst on the subject of the battery, the EQA only uses batteries built with ethically sourced materials. The factory in which the car is built also shines its environmentally friendly halo by being completely carbon neutral. This is another trend that we are starting to see in electric vehicle manufacturing.

All-in-all, the Mercedes EQA is a superb vehicle. If you would like to take one out for a spin, then come to EVision and hire one today.

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