The Jaguar I-Pace Keeps on Roaring

Red Jaguar I-Pace

Being the very first place in Kent that you could hire an I-Pace, we are extremely proud of our Jaguar I-Pace electric cars. Even 3 years after we had our grand launch we have found that there are still so many people really wanting to hire an I-Pace from all of our collection points throughout the UK.

What is it about this car that makes it so popular? Has the Jaguar I-Pace become outdated in the last three years? We know a lot has moved on in a very short space of time. The electric vehicle world stands still for no one. However, we think the Jaguar has stood the test of time really well and that it is still one of the best electric cars out there.

I-Pace launch day Kent

Retaining The Looks

A mistake that some manufacturers make is in trying to make a new car look really different. In itself, this is not an issue. However, the car still has to look relevant in the years to come, even if it needs minor tweeks over the future years. Look at the Golf or the Ford Fiesta. These cars have endured the test of time because they had adaptable shapes that never went out of fashion.

The Jaguar I-Pace has a fantastic SUV shape that will endure.the test of time. This is an electric car that is pleasing on the eye. Jaguar have a reputation for building very classy looking cars, so this is no surprise. Many decades of experience really helps.

White Jaguar I-Pace facing left

A Performance That Still Provides

Moving on three years from the arrival of the Jaguar I-Pace, things have moved quite quickly in the world of EVs. If any car is going to have any longevity it needs to have a performance that won’t be lacking further down the line. In my opinion, the Jaguar I-Pace does meet this criteria well.

Coming with a 90kWh battery means that the I-Pace was already ahead of a lot of it’s contemporaries from the time. A range of 235 miles was considered really exceptional in 2019. However, even now that is considered to be a really good amount of mileage. 

The speed and 0-60 times are also really competitive with some of the best electric cars today. You can get up to 124mph and can reach 60mph from standing in just 4.8 seconds. This is quite a phenomenal performance.

Close up of Jaguar I-Pace steering wheel

So, Should I Still Hire An I-Pace?

In short, yes you should hire an I-Pace. This is a superb vehicle that looks absolutely fantastic. Not only that, but it also still has a performance that is better than most other electric cars on the road today. Of course, personal preference will always take precedence, but this electric car is one that you should definitely keep in mind.

You can hire an I-Pace from EVision Electric Vehicles now. Check out the Jaguar I-Pace page to find out even more about these majestic vehicles. If you do choose the Jaguar, you will not be disappointed.

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