The Cupra Born Into a Brand New World

Cupra born with blue sky background

I know that it isn’t that long since we published a blog post about the Cupra Born. However, since that post went live I have had the opportunity to go out with the car and spend some time playing with the features and getting a first-hand experience of the driving capabilities. These are the perks of working in marketing and being able to go out filming for an afternoon.

What I learned from my filming expedition left a smile on my face. Hopefully the Cupra Born will do the same for you. Here is the lowdown of my own personal experience.

Born to be a Star

Whenever a new electric vehicle arrives at EVision, there is a smile that spreads across my face like a young child on Christmas morning. You can only imagine my joy when the hotly anticipated Cupra Born rolled through our gates. I was a very happy man indeed.

Of course, a new car means new photos and videos. Having put a filming plan together, it was time to grab the videographer, get the keys and hit the road. Of course, being the deep Autumn, we needed to make the most of the sun (which doesn’t appear that often these days).

Cupra Born in front of green bushes

On The Road

Seeing the Cupra Born in the metal for the first time is quite a breathtaking experience. This truly is a gorgeous vehicle with a striking body shape. The personal experience is so much better than any video I had seen before.

Once I got into the driver’s seat I noticed just how striking the burnt orange flashes were. I absolutely loved these little details that raised the profile of the car. The seating was also really comfortable and I could see myself making a very long journey in the Cupra Born.

Inside the cabin of a cupra born

Getting Used to the Cupra Born Controls

Whenever I get into a new car that I have never driven before, I find it important to get used to the controls of the vehicle so I can drive confidently and with knowledge of what to do in the event that anything goes wrong (to date, nothing has). Adjusting the steering wheel to a good position to see all the controls was very easy, using the lever on the left hand side of the steering wheel column.

Next up was a review of the central console. Luckily, as the Cupra Born uses the technology from the same German manufacturers of the Vauxhall ID cars, I was very familiar with the infotainment system in the Cupra Born. Both makes of electric car use the same technology.

I have always found the infotainment system on the ID.3 and ID.4 to be easy to navigate through and to use. Therefore, it didn’t take too long to refresh my memory on this new vehicle.

dashboard of cupra born

Out For a Drive

The familiarisation process was complete and it was time for the filming crew (both of us) to make our way to a picturesque scene for our shoot.

I have driven many electric cars. They are something I am very used to. However, the smoothness of the acceleration in the Cupra Born was exceptional. The suspension was quite outstanding, and the torque was noticeable. Pulling away from the lights certainly put a smile on my face (legally, of course).

Whilst on the road I took advantage of playing with the controls on the infotainment screen. I very quickly located the sat nav and gave it a try. The system was very responsive and the navigation was brilliant.

Cupra Born by dockside

Bringing Back the Born

Like all good stories, my filming journey with the Cupra Born had to come to an end. Once more, I got behind the wheel and made my way back to the EVision HQ in Strood. I can’t lie, I just enjoyed the driving so much that I didn’t want it to end.

My experience of this vehicle is that, like its movie (almost) namesake, Jason Bourne, I am sure we will see many more impressive sequels in the next few years.

The Cupra Born is available to hire from EVision Electric Vehicles now. I couldn’t recommend this electric car any higher. Experience the Cupra Born for yourself.

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