The Dazzling Mercedes EQB Electric Car

Red Mercedes EQB with blue skies and grass.

There are so many first-rate Mercedes electric cars being released at the moment. I could speak with equal adoration for any of the Mercedes EQ vehicles on the EVision fleet, however, I will take time today to go through the laudable Mercedes EQB.

As with other members of the Mercedes EQ family, the Mercedes EQB is based on a petrol/diesel equivalent from the manufacturer. In this case, the combustion engine equivalent in question is the Mercedes GLB. Both vehicles share the same architecture, it’s just that the EQB happens to be powered by battery rather than by fossil fuel.

So What is the Mercedes EQB?

A good place to start, as always, is at the beginning. So what exactly is the Mercedes EQB? In short, it is a premium quality electric SUV and is part of the incredible electric vehicle drive by the German geniuses in automotive technology and design (yes, I like Mercedes).

Coming out in the second wave of EQ vehicles, the Mercedes EQB is a really eye-pleasing machine. As stated already, this is built on the same architecture as the petrol or diesel equivalent. However, there are some differences to distinguish the green credentials of the EQB.

The grille at the front, for example, is a smooth and shiny nose without the air intake ingress you see on the combustion vehicles. Whereas a car with an engine needs the air intake to help with the cooling process, an electric vehicle doesn’t require this feature so much. This allows the designers to have a little more fun with the design of the car’s nose.

Red EQB facing right

An Inside Look

Something I have said many times before, but it bears saying yet again, is that Mercedes are a fantastic legacy manufacturer and they have decades of experience to build on. They simply know how to put a beautiful vehicle together. The Mercedes EQB is no different. The interior is simply stunning and oozes class.

Although also available as a 5-seater, we at EVision opted for the 7-seater version instead. There is still a huge amount of room afforded in the cabin. At nearly 4.7 metres long, the Mercedes EQB has a lot of space to play with. This is a long car indeed. You don’t need to worry about headroom or leg room being compromised. Each detail is taken into consideration.

The dashboard is tastefully decorated with chrome features, such as on the air vents, and manages not to overdo the features on or around the dashboard. There are two screens at the front which are crammed with stellar applications to assist the driver. Clear to see and simple to use. We just love the tech in the Mercedes EQB.

Close up of EQB infotainment screen

First-Rate Performance From a First-Rate Manufacturer

We all know by now that the traditional legacy manufacturers have adapted really well to the electric vehicles market (mostly). Mercedes seems to have done it better than most. Although the combustion engine has been the mainstay of Mercedes for longer than we care to remember, they have managed to get a top level of performance from their electric vehicles.

Sitting on a 66.5kWh battery, the Mercedes EQB is capable of giving a real world range of around 210 miles. The top speed is a sensible 99mph (which is standard on all of the EQB specifications from Mercedes) and you can achieve 60mph from standing in just 6.2 seconds. 

With figures like these being produced, we cannot wait to see what Mercedes does next. We would expect them to ditch the combustion engine architecture at some point and design their own fully electric vehicle base. There is little doubt that whatever they decide to do, Mercedes will do it very well.

View of front of the cabin of the Mercedes EQB while it is being driven through a tunnel.
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