The Skoda Enyaq – An SUV To Be Desired

We have some very exciting news for you all. EVision are proud to announce that we are getting the much coveted Skoda Enyaq delivered very soon. This fantastic electric car was first put into mass production in November 2020 and it has proven to be a popular choice for many new EV drivers.

There are many reasons why so many people want to drive the Skoda Enyaq. Read on to find out just why that is and to find out how to register your interest in hiring a Skoda Enyaq for yourself.

What is Skoda and Where Does it Come From?

Skoda is a manufacturer from the old world. In fact, they have been around since the 19th Century (yes, that long). Hailing from the former country of Czechoslovakia, now the Czech Republic, Skoda has spent much of its past as a manufacturer under communist rule. For a long time the brand was associated with terrible Eastern European design and poor quality. An image that Skoda has worked hard to eradicate.

In the 1990’s we saw a great shift in European politics and country divisions. After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 we saw the slow collapse of the communist block. The iron curtain had finally descended and change was on the horizon.

Throughout this decade, the Volkswagen group bought Skoda bit by bit until they had full control of this former communist relic. Now a western giant was in charge and was able to make necessary changes.

A Brighter Future Leading to a Greener Future

After the fall of the USSR and its satellite states, Skoda grew from strength to strength. Under Volkswagen’s leadership, Skoda started to produce cars that weren’t horrendous to look at and that actually ran really well. The reputation of Skoda was changing for the better in the minds of the public.

In fact I would say that Skoda improved so much under Volkswagen that they grew a reputation as being one of the best and most reliable brands on the market. A huge turnaround in the last 25 years or so. This is a great start for a manufacturer that has entered the electric car market.

Enter the Skoda Enyaq 

Before you ask, no, it’s not a newly discovered Bruce Lee film. Skoda has a new naming convention for all of their latest vehicles. The electric Skoda Enyaq is no different. All Skoda cars currently have names that begin with the letter e.

Enyaq, as I’ve discovered, is based on the word Enya. This has its origins in Greek and means essence, spirit or principle. All of these words would be apt to describe the Skoda Enyaq. After all, any new electric car is very principled in the sense that it is making the world a better place.

The Skoda Enyaq is essentially a large SUV (not far off being an estate car). The appearance has split opinions, but I think it looks brilliant. There are some really nice and sharply defined lines around the grille, which make the car really interesting to look at.

The interior of the Skoda Enyaq is incredibly spacious, including in rear seats, and it is furnished in a nice fashion with very comfortable seating. The boot, as you would expect, is also absolutely cavernous. You get 585 litres of space with the rear seats up, and 1710 litres with the rear seats down. This gives you an idea of the size of this electric SUV.

The Skoda Enyaq Performance

As previously mentioned, the Skoda company is owned by Volkswahen. It will not be any real surprise, therefore, that the Skoda Enyaq shares the same base, including the MEB drivetrain, with the Volkswagen ID.4. The Skoda Enyaq is appreciably bigger from the base up though.

With the larger 82kWh battery version you can expect a real world range of around 260 miles (332 miles on the WLTP scale). There is a top speed of 99mph and you can reach 0-62mph in 8.6 seconds. This is pretty impressive for such a large family vehicle. After all, you aren’t likely to be trying to break speed records in a big family wagon.

The charging speed isn’t bad either. The Skoda Enyaq can take 135kW of charge, meaning that you can get from 10% to 80% charge in 33 minutes.

Watch This Space!

The Skoda Enyaq is coming to EVision Electric Vehicles very soon. Keep an eye out on our social media channels and our website for more details as they arrive. We can’t wait to have this lovely family SUV join the EVision fleet. You will be able to register your interest very soon.

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