The Mercedes EQ Range at EVision

Mercedes badge photo

Mercedes are synonymous with well designed vehicles of the highest build quality and luxury. Even though the amazing German manufacturers were late to the electric vehicle market, they have really hit the nail on the head with the Mercedes EQ range of vehicles they have brought out in the last year.

As you would expect, here at EVision Electric Vehicles we like to be at the front of the EV market. Therefore, we have brought in a number of the glorious Mercedes EQ cars and people carriers.

Here is a brief review of each of the models that we are proud to show off.

The Mercedes EQB

It makes sense to go through the Mercedes EQ range in alphabetical order, so here is the first of our Mercedes EQ vehicles. 

The Mercedes EQB is a marvellous SUV vehicle that is very reminiscent of the famous G-Wagon that was produced by the same manufacturer. This EQB is equally solidly built and comes with the bespoke MBUX infotainment system that Mercedes have developed.

It’s not easy to build a big heavy vehicle and keep it classy at the same time. However, this is exactly what Mercedes have managed to do. The Mercedes EQB has a very high level of quality in the interior. Nothing looks out of place or gaudy.

The EQB has a very large 100kWh battery that can charge at extremely quick speeds. Torque is excellent and you can reach a top speed of 99mph. All round, this is a fabulous car to drive.

You can find out more about the Mercedes EQB by clicking HERE.

Red Mercedes EQB on red brick paving

The Mercedes EQC

The second of the Mercedes EQ range that we have at EVision is the incredible Mercedes EQC. 

This is the first of the Mercedes EQ saloon cars that I will showcase here. The EQC is the smaller sibling of the Mercedes EQS, which I will cover later. Built with luxury in mind, the Mercedes EQC has absolutely nailed the brief.

As well as the high level of technology in the car, there is also one of the highest levels of comfort of any cabin I have ever experienced. Sinking into the seats is like laying back on a cloud.

The performance of the Mercedes EQC is as good as you would expect. With the 85kWh battery you can expect up to 230 miles of range. Your top speed is 112mph and you can hit 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds.

To find out more about the Mercedes EQC, click HERE

A dark blue Mercedes EQC in front of a dockside

The Mercedes EQE

Next up on the Mercedes EQ roadshow is the fabulous Mercedes EQE. As with the Mercedes EQC, the EQE is a smaller sibling of the EQS (there are lots of EQ variations. It takes a while to get used to it).

Built in a style that is perhaps closer to a coupé rather than a classic saloon vehicle, the Mercedes EQE is equally as pleasing on the eye as its siblings.

The Mercedes EQE comes with a bigger battery than the EQC with 90kWh of power underneath the car. This battery combined with the sleek aerodynamic shape gives the EQE a superb real world range of 400 miles.

This far outstrips most electric cars you will come across today. A top speed of 130mph can be reached and 0-62mph can be achieved in just 6.4 seconds. Superb statistics by any standards.

To hire a Mercedes EQE, click HERE

Mercedes EQS

The Mercedes EQS is the flagship electric vehicle of the Mercedes EQ range. The manufacturers are extremely proud of this amazing feat of engineering and rightly so.

A beautifully aerodynamic body makes sure that the Mercedes EQS is a real eye-catcher on the roads. Inside the vehicle you are greeted by one of the most stylish and classy cabins you will find in any production car today. Everything in this car screams luxury.

Again, in the Mercedes EQS you have the state-of-the-art MBUX multimedia system which is incredibly well designed. Easy to navigate and easy to use. Mercedes have done a brilliant job with this innovation.

As with the EQE, the Mercedes EQS has a 90kWh battery powering the vehicle. Both electric cars have a real world range of around 400 miles, they both have a top speed of 130mph as well. The EQS is slightly quicker though. You can achieve 0-62 in just 6.2 seconds.

To find out more about the Mercedes EQS, click HERE

Black Mercedes EQS facing right

Mercedes EQV

The final vehicle to bring to you (for now) is the Mercedes EQV. This is the largest of all the vehicles showcased from the Mercedes EQ range, and is the electric answer to the V-Class Mercedes petrol and diesel people carriers. 

The Mercedes EQV is a sizable 7-Seater that doesn’t cut back on the comfort, style and sophistication that we have seen from other vehicles in the Mercedes EQ range. All the tech you would expect to be there is, with the MBUX system included.

With most large electric vehicles you would expect for the range to be compromised. However, with the EQV you get a really impressive 200 miles of range to play with.

The battery may be large, but the body of the vehicle is built to maximise the aerodynamics as far as can be done with a people carrier.

If you’d like to find out more about the Mercedes EQV, click HERE

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