Why You Should Rent A Tesla Model 3 This Autumn

Tesla Model 3 door step

The nights are getting shorter and the air is getting colder. This is why it is the perfect month to rent a Tesla Model 3 from EVision Electric Vehicles.

There are so many reasons why you should hire an amazing electric vehicle like the Tesla Model 3 anyway, but here we will give you even more reasons to rent a Tesla Model 3 now.

Why it Makes Sense to Rent a Tesla Model 3 Anyway

Since its release, the Tesla Model 3 has been fawned over by electric (and other) car enthusiasts the world over. In football terms it would be the Brazil of the electric car world. The Tesla Model 3 has had accolade after accolade showered upon it. In fact, I could write a whole blog on the Tesla Model 3 awards.

However, I won’t do that. Here are a few of them to give you a taste though. Awards in 2018 included the Popular Mechanics Car of the Year and the Automobile Design of the Year award. In 2019 it won Swiss Car of the Year, Norway Car of the Year, Danish Car of the Year, Edmunds rated it the Top Electric Car of 2019 and Auto Express named it their Car of the Year.

The awards kept coming in 2020. The Tesla Model 3 won the WhatCar? Car of the Year in the Large Electric Car of the Year Award. You get the idea. I won’t give you the full list. With praise like this, it is easy to see why so many people want to rent a Tesla Model 3 from us.

A red Tesla model 3 facing right

Top Performance From A Top Electric Car

Even before the Tesla Model 3 was released you knew it was going to have one of the highest level performances of any electric car on the market. You would, of course, have been right.

If you chose to rent a Tesla Model 3 Long Range from EVision you would get a serious performance vehicle. Complete with a 74kWh battery and 4-wheel-drive, you can take this wonderful car 310 miles without having to recharge (real world range terms). You can reach a top speed of 145mph and hit 60mph in just 4.2 seconds from standing. Pretty good, eh?

Even if you choose to rent a Tesla Model 3 2-wheel-drive with the 46kWh battery you will still get a performance that beats most other electric vehicles on the road. A real world range of 215 miles is afforded to you. This is complemented by a top speed of 140mph and a 0-60mph time of 5.6 seconds. Not bad statistics at all.

A black tesla model 3 facing left

Why it is the Perfect Time to Rent a Tesla Model 3

Picture this. Autumn has arrived. The mornings are cold, the mist and the ice crystals have started appearing. Unfortunately, it’s a day where you can’t stay in your cosy bed, or maybe you have fun plans to get up for. Getting into a cold car is not fun, especially if you have to de-mist or de-ice the windows first. Rent a Tesla Model 3 and this will be a problem left to the past.

Yes, that’s right. While you are getting yourself ready for the day, you can remotely warm the car, clear the windows and heat the battery ready for take off. It doesn’t end there either.

Heated seats are an absolute blessing in the colder months. I for one have been grateful for heated seats warming my body through while I’m on the road. An added bonus of the Tesla Model 3 is that the heated seats aren’t just for the front of the car. You also have heated seats in the rear of the vehicle as well.

In the words of the famous 80’s comedian, Jimmy Cricket, c’mere, there’s more. Yes, on top of the remote heating and the heated seats, there is also a heated steering wheel. This is just a little difference that makes all the difference to a driver. And, of course, there is the bonus of travelling in extremely comfortable seats.

So, there you have it. Some great reasons why you should rent a Tesla Model 3 this Autumn and winter. It will warm your body, your bones, your heart and your soul.

steering wheel and dashboard of a tesla model 3
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