MG5 – The Estate of Things to Come

Silver MG5 facing left

Something most people notice is that most electric cars are either saloon or SUV vehicles. The MG5 has broken that mould and has given us the first affordable electric estate car.

Estate cars have been a bit of a rarity in recent times. Even in the few years before the electric vehicle revolution really kicked off it was uncommon to see estate cars on the road. The mighty SUV has ruled the roost for a decade or so. 

The MG5 brings back memories of the 1970’s and 1980’s when I would go out with a friend in their dad’s large estate (often a Volvo). I can always remember these cars seeming to have an endless amount of room in them. Of course, when you are younger, everything seems enormous.

MG5 – Giving People What They Want

The estate car may have been out of sight for some time. However, there have been plenty of cries for a large car to be released onto the electric vehicle market. And one that is not quite so tall. The estate car is what people have been looking for, and apart from the very top end and expensive Porsche Taycan estate car, there was nothing else on the market. 

SUVs persevere because they are the most popular style of car you can see on the road. My last petrol car was an SUV and my first electric car is an SUV. However, this is to my taste. There are plenty of drivers who don’t feel comfortable sitting so high up, yet they want the space and practicality that an SUV brings.

Silver MG5 facing right

MG5 – The Inside Look

When sitting in this magnificent electric vehicle, even though it is a really good size, it is still one of the cheapest electric cars on the road. Bearing this in mind it is quite surprising that the vehicle still retains some nice finishes. You’re not going to get the same interior as, say, a Porsche Taycan. However, it feels more expensive than the price tag would leave you to believe.

There is an 8 inch infotainment screen that does a basic job. However, it is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There is nothing here to really complain about. You get USB ports in the front, plus another two ports in the rear, which is something some more premium cars have neglected.

Although the MG5 Long Range has a real world range of around 220 miles, this car is not built for performance. You won’t be taking on any Tesla in a speed test any time soon. That being said, the MG5 is a really comfortable car to drive. Everything from the soft and cushioned seats all the way down to the excellent suspension, the MG5 gives a very pleasing ride.

Dashboard of MG5

MG5 – The Big Talking Point

Without a doubt the biggest selling point of the MG5 is the cavernous amount of space that you find in both the cabin and in the boot. This is what people would generally be looking at primarily when choosing an MG5.

Starting with the cabin itself, there is plenty of headroom for the front seat occupants, even if you are just over 6ft tall. This theme carries on into the rear seats. As the car’s height extends all the way to the back of the car, there is an equally spacious amount of headroom for the rear passengers. The flat floor also means that someone can comfortably sit in the middle seat without any awkward placement of their legs.

As previously mentioned, the boot space is absolutely cavernous. With the rear seats up you are afforded a wonderful 479L of space. This is huge compared to many SUV boot spaces. The boot in the MG5 is also really well shaped and convenient to use. When you put the rear seats down, that space grows to a tremendous 1,367L of storage space.

Time to Find Out For Yourself

EVision Electric Vehicles is really pleased to say that we have the MG5 on our fleet and it is available to hire. So, if you want an electric vehicle that is comfortable to drive, has great suspension, has a brilliant mileage range and a ridiculous amount of space, then this is could very well be the car you’ve been looking for.

Give us a call, fill in our online order form or come to our head office to find out more. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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