There is an ID.Buzz in the Air

ID.Buzz parked

Something that electric vehicles bring to the party is fun and innovation. We have seen a large number of electric SUVs and, to a lesser extent, saloon cars that have been coming out in droves. Technology keeps moving forward and new gimmicks keep piquing our interest.

But we want more, don’t we? We want something different that will put a big smile on our face. And that is where the ID.Buzz comes in. This is a vehicle that we have been looking forward to seeing so much.

A Bit of ID.Buzz History

The Volkswagen ID.Buzz is clearly based on the famous campervan that was a feature of the flower power era. The 60’s and 70’s were the heyday of free love, togetherness and getting back to nature. It was the VW campervan that got you there.

This campervan actually dates back to a concept of the transporter in the 1950’s. It didn’t take long before Volkswagen decided that this would be a perfect size for developing a campervan. Then the VW campervan was born and the legend began.

ID.Buzz angled away

A Modern Incarnation

Of course, in a modern era where the electric vehicle is ascending to the throne of the automotive kingdom, it was only a matter of time before a proper campervan was released. Who better to take up that challenge than the team behind the most iconic campervan of all time. Step forth the VW ID.Buzz.

Volkswagen have planned to launch an electric version of their campervan for a while now. In 2001 they showed off the microbus concept. This was followed in 2011 by the Bulli concept, and then in 2016 they teased with the Buzz-e concept. The latter of which was built on the MEB platform. This, of course , is the platform all new VW electric vehicles are built on.

ID.Buzz angled forward to the right

Is This Actually a Campervan?

Well, yes and no is the answer to that question. Although Volkswagen will be bringing out a longer wheelbase vehicle in the near future which will be a full on campervan, the current release is on the shorter wheelbase. It is, therefore, closer to being a people carrier, or a very large family car.

Although this is the shorter version, it is by no means inferior. There is a ridiculous amount of space afforded to you throughout the whole vehicle. And, with the back seats down, there is plenty of room to comfortably fit a double air bed for camping. So you could technically also say that it is a campervan. 

In keeping with the traditional view of the VW campervan, the ID.Buzz is perfect for fitting surfboards or bikes for those who want to get sporty in nature. It has a scandalous amount of room for camping equipment if that is your desire. The ID.Buzz, in other words, is highly versatile when you consider its usage capabilities.

What Else is There?

Storage is a big ID.Buzz word. There is so much of it. From the many cubby holes, cup holders etc in the front of the vehicle all the way back to the underfloor storage in the boot. This vehicle will make any organised person very happy indeed.

On top of the mass of space and storage, should you need more, then the ID.Buzz is capable of towing a very impressive 1 tonne on the retractable towing arm. This is more than many full on electric vans can manage at present.

The most impressive feature, to me anyway, is the parking assist capability of the ID.Buzz. Volkswagen has stated that their parking assist system is the most advanced there is on the market, and we are definitely not going to disagree with that assessment. To say it is impressive is a very big understatement.

The memory of the ID.Buzz is simply remarkable. You can get the vehicle to memorise tricky manoeuvres, either going forwards or backwards, and it will remember the path you have travelled and will be able to replicate the same route at a later time. It is a feature that really needs to be seen to be believed. Perfect for difficult parking areas.

Interior of the ID.Buzz

A Final Word

The ID.Buzz is a really fun vehicle. There is a deeply nostalgic feeling about the Buzz that really endears you to it. I for one can remember travelling around with friends in one of the original VW campervans. Happy memories come flooding back.

The modern meets old, though. As well as the nostalgia you also get great technology and comfort. VW have really combined the best of both worlds and they have done it brilliantly. 

Keep your eye out on the EVision website to see when the ID.Buzz arrives for rental.

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