What It’s Like to Rent an Electric Car for the First Time

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Are you ready to jump on the electric car bandwagon? Congratulations! This is a significant step to reducing your carbon footprint and saving mother earth. For starters, you don’t have to worry about paying for VAT, cost of car insurance, battery degradation, or vehicle maintenance.

Since the company has car ownership, they worry about all these headaches while you enjoy driving the vehicle. Hence, renting an electric car from EVision Electric Vehicles, for example, is smarter than buying one.

If you’re considering hiring an electric car, you’re well on your way to long-term savings on fuel and other incidental costs. It’s no wonder that electric car rentals and sales are increasing these days.

Because of an electric vehicle’s immense benefits, you spot more of these cars plying the road with conventional automobiles. If you’re considering renting an electric car for the first time, it’s a decision you can’t make flippantly. Check out this miniguide on electric car rental to help you get started.

How an Electric Car Works

When you rent an electric car, you must have a fair idea of how it works. Here’s a simplified version of how an electric car works to help you understand what you’re renting. You want to ensure you get the right one, especially if you want only a battery-operated vehicle.

Fully Electric Vehicle (EV)

As the name suggests, this car runs purely on electricity. Others call it Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) because you must plug it into a charging port. It consumes electricity and stores it in batteries, which power the motor and wheels. These don’t have clutch or gears. They just have simple buttons for setting to drive, reverse, or park.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

This has a battery and internal combustion engine, so you can power it up using batteries or fuel. You plug it in for charging, and it uses the battery until the juice runs out. When that happens, the combustion engine takes over and uses the backup fuel.

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Hybrid Vehicle

This is somewhat similar to a hybrid, but there’s no plug-in feature. It uses regenerative braking, wherein every time you hit the brakes, it generates electricity stored in the batteries, helping increase fuel efficiency.

Make sure you know what you’re getting. If you want superior cost savings and completely eliminate fuel use, you must get a Fully Electric Vehicle. Read the fine print and check the specs of the car you’re renting so you don’t get disappointed.

Perks When You Rent an Electric Car

Some people share horror stories about electric cars like running out of juice midway, not finding any charging points, or being more expensive. But these are urban legends that cannot hold against scrutiny because the electric car industry has evolved rapidly over the years.

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Unlike the first few introductory electric cars with less charging capacity and shorter running time, today’s EVs are just as efficient as conventional automobiles. For these reasons, you can see many happy and satisfied electric car drivers traversing the roads. Whether you’re renting one for a holiday or doing a long-term annual lease, check out the perks of renting an electric car below:

  1. They are so much better for the environment with a reduced carbon footprint.
  2. The government and manufacturers provide grants and incentives for using cleaner energy sources.
  3. Britain’s EV charging network is extensive, so you’ll find a charging station no matter where you are.
  4. Reduce petrol and diesel costs, which are rapidly escalating in price due to inflation and other geopolitical factors.


  5. These cars offer the same safety and reliability as traditional automobiles.


  6. You don’t suffer from car depreciation costs, which usually occur when you buy the vehicle outright.


  7. Take advantage of the rapid changes in the EV industry when you rent a vehicle because you can upgrade every year or so.

Buying an electric car costs more than its conventional combustion engine counterpart. But even if you have a limited budget, you can use an electric car as your mode of transport by choosing to rent an electric car. With this option, you can be part of this blossoming market and take advantage of the latest tech. Car rentals make electric cars available to many people and can suit all budgets.

How to Rent an Electric Car

Renting an electric vehicle is not complicated. You go through the same process as you would in a convention car. Present your documentary requirements like your driver’s license and contact numbers, whether for an hourly rental, self-drive, or long-term rental. You can peruse the different vehicle models, their specs, and corresponding rental rates.

So, there’s nothing to fear or hidden costs to worry about. For example, renting an electric vehicle from EVision Electric Vehicles is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any deposit. Check out its website and book the car you need online. You can pick it up or have the vehicle delivered to your doorstep.

Furthermore, the company covers all the maintenance works and routine servicing of the vehicle. If you’re doing a long-term rental, you can take home a free and easy-to-install charging unit. As you can see, renting an electric car is a seamless process with a trustworthy company, whether it’s your first time or you’re an EV leasing veteran.

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* All information correct as of 18/08/2022.

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