Rent a Car in Kent: Want to Try an Electric Vehicle?

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Whether renting a car short-term for a summer vacation in Kent or hiring for more than 12 months, you enjoy the perks of not having to fill up and pay for gas. You also don’t have to worry about paying for an extended auto warranty or other car protection plans since you don’t own the car. And with the rising petrol prices, it makes a lot more sense to rent an EVision Electric Vehicle.

Renting an electric vehicle has become very popular in Kent. As the electric vehicle industry is currently undergoing significant changes, hiring is the smarter choice over buying. Here are some things you need to know if you’re looking to rent one.

The Difference Between Buying and Renting

Buying or renting an electric vehicle is like how you do it with traditional vehicles. If you decide to purchase it, you can pay for it upfront with cash and take vehicle ownership. Alternatively, you can take out a financing plan and pay for the loan over a specific time frame with monthly instalments. Once these payments are finished, you take ownership and get the car title without any liens attached.

Meanwhile, renting or hiring a vehicle means you can only use the car for a certain time. It could be anywhere from one day to three years plus. Once this term is done, you return the vehicle to your Kent dealer. 

Note that whilst the vehicle is in your possession, you don’t have to worry about car repairs or maintenance.

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Benefits of Renting Over Buying

If you’re thinking of getting an electric vehicle to save on fuel and reduce your carbon emissions, renting may be a better idea. Here are some reasons why people opt for electric vehicle rental than outright purchases:

Enjoy Many Incentives

Renting an electric vehicle provides many incentives. If you live in Kent, the government will reward you for relying less on fossil fuels and supporting cleaner energy. It is not uncommon to see rent specials like discounts and bonuses to make the rental payment more affordable. None of these incentives is available for traditional cars.

Escape Car Depreciation

Electric cars depreciate just like traditional cars in their first year, so it really makes sense to hire them. In general, cars that depreciate fast aren’t good for renting since they cost more to rent. Typically, the monthly rental rates are based on the amount of depreciation and other fees. 

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Take Advantage of Tech Updates

Since car engineering for traditional cars has been established for many decades, there are minimal annual changes. In contrast, electric car tech changes drastically in a short period. Manufacturers often release updates on battery durability, charging times, range, and other improvements. If you want to take advantage of these rapid developments, renting a car and changing it every two or three years makes more sense.

Avoid Battery Issues

Using lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles is still a fairly new innovation. Hence, there’s not much data on their longevity and how fast they will stop after a full charge. If you own an electric car, any concerns that come with battery degradation become your problem, especially if the car’s warranty has lapsed. But if you hire the electric car, you don’t have to fret over battery issues because you only use it for a limited time. Besides, electric vehicles have fewer moving components than a typical combustion engine. As a result, you don’t have to worry about replacing car parts and maintenance.

Are You Ready to Hire an Electric Vehicle in Kent?

Typically, electric cars have a higher price than their petrol equivalents. However, renting a car is the cheapest way you can enjoy driving one. Although you won’t own the car after the rental term, the monthly payments are much lower. They’re also cheaper to run, so you can look forward to long-term savings.

Indeed, renting an electric vehicle in Kent from a reputable company like EVision Electric Vehicles is the best option. Whether renting for a day or rentinging for longer, you can get competitive rates and exemplary customer service. 

The EVision team will ascertain you stay updated on electric vehicle tech. Working with them will also save you tons of money on fuel and car maintenance costs over the life of the hire. Most importantly, renting an electric car means you do your part to save the planet and reduce your carbon footprint from the moment you drive it.

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* All information correct as of 02/08/2022.

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