Looking for prom cars in Kent? We’ve got you covered!

It’s that time of year for year 11’s and 13’s all over the country, but are you ready for the ‘night of all nights’? You’ve got your gown/tux, your shoes and even your dance partner but a vital part of making prom a night to remember is your transportation. Read on to hear about the best prom cars in Kent. 

Make a statement 

If you really want to turn heads when you arrive at prom look no further. EVision Electric Vehicles is the perfect place to shop for prom cars in kent. 

Our top pick for a prom car that is sure to get some attention is the fiery red Porsche Taycan. Keep the windows up as with a top speed of 155mph and a 0-60 mph time of just 4 seconds, we don’t want your freshly styled hair blowing in the wind. 

The Porsche Taycan has been designed to thrill you and that it will. The luxury interior of this car will make you feel like a prom king or queen.

To blow everyone’s mind even more, if that’s even possible, let them know that this supercar is completely electric. So you won’t have the added stress of the fuel crisis on your shoulders, it’s as simple as plug in and go!

If you were looking for something slightly more out of the ordinary, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is ideal. This all electric car is the younger brother to the infamous Ford Mustang. 

If you plan on travelling a long way to prom or if you just want to do the laps of the neighbourhood to show it off, there will be no need to worry about range anxiety. This car has a range of 336 miles on a full charge, which is unbelievable for a car in this price range.

This car is also extremely spacious! Meaning you don’t need to worry about creasing or crumpling your dress before you get to hit the dance floor.

For you and your friends

If you plan on arriving at prom with a group of your closest friends then it’s a no brainer! Stop searching for Prom cars in Kent and take a look at this limousine. 

Kent Limo Hire offers the Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley Limo. This Limo can seat up to eight passengers and is a completely luxurious experience. Connect your phone to the bluetooth speakers, relax on the luxury leather seats and get the party started. This limo also has fibre optic lighting which will be sure to get you in the prom mood.

Don’t sweat it. Although for legal reasons this company can’t provide you with alcoholic drinks, they will provide you with soft drinks upon request. For those of you year 13’s who have had their 18th birthdays there’s nothing stopping you from bringing your own drinks. In fact, this limo comes with champagne flutes and tumblers for you to use at your leisure. 

The best part of hiring a limo is that a driver comes included. So there will be no arguments about who is designated driver.

The party before the party

If you and your friends want to travel in real style, then we know exactly the way. Party Bus Hire UK offers the chance for you to hire… you guessed it a party bus. 

The drive to prom can be rather nerve racking, with the party bus these nerves will be taken over by joy and excitement. 

With a range of buses on offer you and your friends are guaranteed to have the best time together. Dance the night away (until you arrive at the venue) under the bus’s disco lights. If you were hoping to save your moves for the main event take a seat on the luxury leather sofas which will undoubtedly make you feel like an A-lister at the newest club.

Calling class of 2022

Now that our search for prom cars in Kent is complete, it’s time to say goodbye. 

Exams are nearly over which means prom excitement is in full swing and you are certainly prepared! Our most important tip is to dance the night away and make sure it’s a night to remember. 

But, if you want to travel to your prom in utter class, check out our range of EVs here! You can book any of our vehicles online, or give our team of EV experts a call on 01634 914 063 for more details. 

Don’t forget, we have collection points in Devon, Durham and Yorkshire as well as our Head Office in Kent!

* All information correct as of 01/06/2022.

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