Planning to hire an electric car? Here’s everything you need to know before booking your holiday hire!

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As the summer draws closer the countdown begins for many holiday goers. The sun cream and beachwear may be packed but have you thought about your transportation? Whether you are holidaying in the UK or travelling overseas, why not hire an electric car to add a little more luxury to your experience?

Hire an electric car in the UK

In passing years there has been a rise in people who choose to holiday in the UK. Travelers are spending hundreds of pounds on fuel driving across the country.  Unfortunately this expense is only rising this year with the ongoing increase in fuel prices! so in order to cut costs why not hire an electric car. 

There are now more than 51,002  charge connectors in the UK situated in over 19,000 locations, making electric car chargers more accessible than petrol stations. If you plan on hiring a Tesla for your journey. Why not use one of the superchargers that are publicly available and are capable of charging your car up to 200 miles in 15 minutes?

How to hire an electric car in the UK

There are a number of companies across the UK that offer you the opportunity to hire an electric vehicle. 

EVision Electric Vehicles have four collection points throughout England (Kent, Devon, Yorkshire and Durham). Whether you’re going on a fun-filled family trip or a relaxing couples retreat you will undoubtedly find an electric vehicle to fulfil your every need. 

Alternatively, if you’re travelling to the UK from another country Europcar may be the company you choose. Having pick up and drop off locations at all major UK airports makes them easily accessible to all travellers. It’s as simple as picking up your chosen vehicle upon arrival and returning it when you depart.

Electric vehicles we recommend to hire in the UK

If you’re looking for a luxury electric vehicle to drive the whole family across the country in complete comfort then why not take a look at the Tesla Model X90D. This 7 seater car comes complete with top of the line technology, a 230 mile range and autopilot. 

Whether you wish to explore the UK through the great British summer time or through the colder months the Kia EV6 will no doubt give you the best experience. This car come fully equipped with both heated and ventilated seats and a range of 314 miles. As well as Kia’s world famous ,innovative, self parking technology. 

For those of us looking to hire an electric car but still prefer a sports car, the Porsche Taycan has it all! This all-electric vehicle has a range of 301 miles, a sleek yet comfortable interior and enough storage space to bring along anything you may need for your journey.

Hire an electric car abroad 

Hiring an electric car when travelling abroad is the key to a relaxing holiday. Having a vehicle on hand while on holiday means you are free to explore your chosen country at your leisure. 

If you are worried about charging your car while on holiday, the majority of hotels in your area will offer free car charging points. If you’re still feeling sceptical you can always ask the hire company for information regarding local charge points. 

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How to hire an electric car abroad

To make sure your holiday is stress free we recommend booking your electric car hire before arriving in your destination. 

If you are travelling to Spain Wattacars have a large selection of EV’s to choose from as well as a number of pickup locations including Barcelona and Mallorca. If you’re looking to hire an electric car to simply get you where you want to be throughout your trip, Wattacars have the Nissan Leaf available from €47.50 Euros per day. On the other hand, if you are looking for a car with a more luxury look and feel they also have the Tesla Model X available from €367.50 euros per day. If neither of these have your interest they also have a number of other vehicles available upon request.

International travelers may also benefit from using Europcar, being a well established global brand. Europcars top international car rental locations are: France, Germany, Italy, The USA and Spain. If you’re not headed to one of these locations Europcar’s website lists all 140 countries they operate in. 

Benefits of hiring an electric car

Hiring an electric car comes with a vast number of benefits such as:

  • Low/no fuel costs 
  • Electric cars have zero emissions making them eco friendly 
  • You can drive freely through the 250 low emission zones throughout Europe making an electric vehicle essential to your city break
  • Free parking for electric vehicles in many locations 
  • Top of the range technology in most electric vehicles

Now you’re ready to hire an electric car for your holidays and adventures! Not forgetting, at EVision we have over 1,000 EV’s to choose from. You can find us online here, or give us a call on 01634 914063.

* All information correct as of 04/05/2022.

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