Fully Charged Live 2022

Fully Charged Live 2022

It’s that time of year yet again where the world’s number 1 celebration of clean energy and electric vehicles takes place. I can’t believe that a year has gone by already since EVision Electric Vehicles was in Farnborough for the Fully Charged Live Outside event.

We are hoping that everyone will be blessed with good weather just as we were in 2021. However, the event is back to being an indoor and outdoor event for 2022 so the weather should not cause too many issues.

Fully Charged 2021 – A Brief Recap

Those who attended the 2021 edition of the Fully Charged Live Show would be well aware that the event took place outside. Last year was a peculiar creature as we were coming out of the other side of lockdowns and the epicentre of the Covid pandemic. This did not deter the crowds who turned out in their droves.

Some of the star attractions of the 2021 included the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the very first look at the Nissan Ariya in the UK. There were also the test drives and the innovative commercial vehicles that were being seen by the public for the first time.

Some Fun For the Presenters Heading to Fully Charged Live 2022

Robert Llewelyn, Jack Scarlett and the rest of the Fully Charged Live team are very passionate and excited for the Fully Charged Show Live every year and rightly so. This year the team showcased a wide range of electric vehicles when they made their way to Farnborough.

Modes of transport included an electric bin lorry, an electric light aircraft, a repurposed Vespa moped given a new lease of electric life, a Porsche 356 that had also been converted to electric and the humble bike (you can’t argue with the energy efficiency of a bike. However, there is some sweat involved when travelling a long distance).

This was obviously just a bit of fun, but it really highlighted how diverse the types of electric vehicles are in 2022.

What Will Fully Charged Live 2022 be Like?

Thankfully things are getting back to normal and the 2022 event will be taking place both indoors and out just like the good old days. There is plenty to look forward to as well.

As well as the classics, such as Tesla, there will be plenty of new vehicles on show. The hotly anticipated Volkswagen ID Buzz will be making an appearance for the first time (and I’m sure this will be a hugely popular vehicle with the Fully Charged crowds). I would also not be surprised if we were to see at least one of the Chinese makes in one form or another. If the Chinese don’t make an appearance at the Farnborough edition, you can definitely expect to see XPeng at the Fully Charged Europe event in Amsterdam.

Making a glorious return will be the test drive centre. The importance of the test drives cannot be overstated. For many people taking part in the test drives it will be the very first time they have sat behind the wheel of an electric car. And, as we all know, once you’ve driven an electric vehicle there’s no going back. You just want more.

One new exhibit that will be of great interest at Fully Charged Live will be the electric flight area. The future of green travel has to take into consideration all types of transport, not just those that travel by road. Electric flight is the newest type of electric transport that has entered the limelight and it is very exciting.

Clean Green Home Machines

Something that was very noticeable at Fully Charged Outside in 2021 was that there was a lot more focus on green energy for the home. Whereas in previous years the focus had been pretty much entirely on electric cars and charging infrastructure, now it has expanded to include all sorts of clean energy innovations.

Of course, the electric vehicles and the charge point experts will be on hand to provide advice and guidance where needed. However, expect to see lots of displays for clean energy from providers such as OVO energy and Octopus (who were handing out the cutest octopus cuddly toys last year), solar power and home power and heating innovators will also be in attendance to guide you through all your green home needs.

The Talks of the Town – The Fully Charged Panels

Every year at Fully Charged Live there are lots of guest panels talking about a whole range of subjects relating to electric vehicles and clean energy. Fully Charged Live 2022 will be no different. Here is a taste of what panels you can attend at the various theatres.

The theatre sessions all kick off on Friday in the Giga Theatre with Robert Llewelyn hosting a discussion called “is the car industry (& its supply chain) in for an electric shock?” which is a fantastic subject to start the ball rolling. As many will know, the supply chain issues in particular have been a major problem for manufacturers in the last year. How will the industry cope as the interest in electric cars only increases from here on out.

Also on the Friday in the afternoon you can see Fully Charged host, Imogen Pierce, hosting a panel discussing car conversions from conventional fuel to electric drivetrains. This is bound to be a very interesting talk as one of the guests is Richard Morgan from the company Electric Classic Cars. This company has created some absolutely amazing petrol to electric conversions on a range of fabulous classic cars.

On Saturday Jack Scarlett will be hosting a panel about the Chinese electric car manufacturers which will be a very interesting discussion (a lot of them are coming soon!). And in the early afternoon you can see our very own EVision Electric Vehicles  chairman on the panel talking about electric cars for employees and employers.

Sunday has more interesting and diverse subjects being discussed in the various theatres, before finally the weekend closes with a Q&A session featuring all the Fully Charged Live hosts in the Giga Theatre at 15:45 in the afternoon.

Final Words

Fully Charged Live 2022 will be a great event that is absolutely jam packed with something for everyone to enjoy. As always, EVision Electric Vehicles are looking forward to being involved in the event. It’s going to be a good one!

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