I can’t afford the rising fuel prices! Would hiring an electric vehicle help me?

hiring an electric vehicle

We know lots of people across the UK are struggling with the thoughts of the cost of living rising; electricity bills and now, fuel! In Autumn of 2021, we saw fuel prices begin to rise as the UK experienced a fuel crisis. Now, fuel prices have reached new highs, driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Data from Experian Catalist shows the average cost of a litre of petrol at UK forecourts was 163.5p, whereas diesel was 173.4p. This could be adding £3 to the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre tank. Meanwhile, diesel drivers could be adding £7 to their weekly filling up budget. 

So, why are fuel prices rising so much? Well, to put it simply, Russia is one of the largest energy producers in the world. Although the UK imports a minimal 6% of crude oil from Russia, our fuel prices are impacted upon by the global costs rising.

Within days of Russia’s invasion, the price of crude oil rose by 4.6%. This has continued to rise as countries across the world limit their supply of Russian energy. Okay, well are we expecting fuel prices to fall?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that fuel prices will fall much if at all.. Fuel prices were already high following last year’s fuel crisis and the lifting of Government Covid-19 restrictions. With the ongoing situation in Europe, we can’t see prices dropping any time soon. 

EV News: Extinction Rebellion to block oil refineries!

To add to it all, Extinction Rebellion has planned to block oil refineries in April 2022 as a stand against fossil fuels. The UK environmentalist group has made many previous attempts at engaging the public’s attention surrounding climate change, but now they’re going even further.

Details from Sky News show that Extinction Rebellion intends to block major oil refineries from the 9th April. In an attempt to stop fossil fuels once and for all, the group plans to cause more disruption in order to “create a tipping point moment”.

Despite the UK committing to reach net zero for carbon emissions by 2050, many environmental activists believe this is not soon enough. This has only been scrutinised further by the Government stepping up the domestic production of oil and gas in light of the crisis in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, other countries across the world are also setting their goals to reach net zero, and surprisingly the UK isn’t too far behind. In fact, only six countries have committed to reaching net zero before the UK. Those being Uruguay (2030), Finland (2035), Iceland and Austria (2040) and Germany and Sweden (2045). 

As far as early achievers go, Bhutan and Suriname are the only two countries that have already achieved carbon neutrality. (They’re actually carbon negative, which means why remove more carbon than they emit). 

Extinction Rebellion has already sent a letter to the Government about its plans, including exact locations. However, these are yet to be made public. We can’t help but realise the huge amount of people these blockages will impact.

How will hiring an electric vehicle help? 

As you can see, it’s unlikely that the price of fuel will drop anytime soon. In fact, it’s much more likely to increase over the coming months. While energy prices have also risen this year, it is not to the same extent as fuel prices. And, we don’t expect them to keep rising!

That’s why we think buying or hiring an electric vehicle could help thousands of families across the country. The growing costs of running a petrol or diesel vehicle far outweigh the costs of running an electric vehicle. Of course, you’ve got fuel prices but that’s not all!

hiring an electric vehicle

You should also take into account the savings you may make from driving a low or zero emission vehicle. Many local authorities are now enforcing charges for drivers who choose to drive highly polluting vehicles. Some of these could add £15 or more a day onto running a vehicle. 

Electric vehicles are also much more affordable to maintain and service than petrol or diesel vehicles, especially if you’re hiring an electric vehicle! Most of the time, your EV rental company will cover these costs, meaning you don’t have to! 

What electric vehicles do you have available?

Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we have over 1,000 electric vehicles available for hire. We’re keen to stay up to date with the ever-growing EV market and we add new vehicles to our fleet all the time.

No matter what you’re looking for, EVision has something for you! Some of our latest EVs include:

We also have a fantastic range of the most popular electric vehicles! Both the Renault Zoe and BMW i3 have proven themselves as brilliant first-time electric vehicles. Both have also been amongst the top selling electric vehicles since they launched nearly 10 years ago!

If you’re looking for an electric van either for personal or commercial use, then we’ve got you covered there too! The Vauxhall Vivaro-e and Renault Kangoo are great all-electric alternatives to their fuel-powered counterparts.

Don’t forget that all of our EV hires come with free maintenance, servicing and tyre wear! Plus, we’ll give you a free home charge point when you hire for 12 months or longer. What are you waiting for?!

* All information correct as of 26/03/2022.

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