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Electric Vehicles at EVision

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Discover our fantastic rental deals on the best-selling Renault Zoe and timeless BMW i3. Plus, learn how to make your business even more eco-friendly with the fantastic Vauxhall Vivaro-e all-electric van!
We also have some great tips from My Green Pod. There’s also a pretty big surprise… It’s a new EV, but can you guess which one?
Electric Vehicles at EVision
Here at EVision Electric Vehicles, we’re determined to make electric driving feasible for everyone. As you may know, leasing an electric vehicle could save you tons on upfront payments, maintenance and servicing.
We have some unmissable short and long term rental deals on the best electric vehicles, including Teslas, BMWs, Audis and more.

Don’t forget, ALL electric vehicle hires come with breakdown cover, full maintenance, servicing and tyre wear included in the price! However, when you take out a long term rental (of 12 months or longer), you’ll receive some extra benefits.

You’ll now receive 10,000 annual mileage, a free wallbox home charge point and the opportunity to switch your EVs twice within your leasing period. This means you can upgrade or downsize your vehicle at any point, if you wish.

Let’s take a look at some of our best offers! (Remember: the longer you hire for – the better the savings!)

A brilliant electric van for eco-friendly businesses!

The Vivaro-e has become a best seller for Vauxhall, and has even won some awards. In 2020, the Vauxhall Vivaro-e was the first van to win the WhatCar? Van of the Year for its zero emissions power, ultra-low running costs and impressive performance.

The Vivaro-e has three different driving modes, making it adaptable for different businesses. You can choose between Power, Normal and Eco to have greater control over vehicle handling, range and running costs.


Here at EVision, we only have the bigger 75kWh battery vans which offer up to 205 miles of range on a full charge. Hire a Vivaro-e today!
Electric Vehicles at EVision

Tesla Model Y

The UK has been patiently waiting for the delivery of the Tesla Model Y since it’s launch in mid-2021. Finally, the long wait is over! That’s right… The Tesla Model Y Long Range is now available to hire from EVision!
Opting for the Long Range model, drivers can expect a range of 315 miles and 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds. Of course, you’ll benefit from Tesla’s fantastic Supercharger network while on the road. This should add 150 miles in 15 minutes – just enough time to have a cup of coffee. Plus, we pick up all Tesla Supercharger bills, so you won’t spend a penny on charging!
The Model Y’s interior looks and feels like a Tesla, where innovative tech and spacious design take centre stage. With the iconic 15-inch touchscreen, drivers should have no trouble using Tesla’s latest crisp technology.

A best-selling Renault!

The Renault Zoe has been a crowd favourite since its release nearly a decade ago. It’s certainly been one of the most successful electric vehicles across the globe, and has had plenty of updates since then. Including a much larger range and a refined, dynamic driving experience.
Despite being one of the cheapest electric cars on the market, the Renault ZOE does not compromise on its quality! The top-tier GT Line upgrades the infotainment touchscreen from 7-inch to a 9.3-inch portrait unit. It’s a responsive system that is certainly competitive within the class.

You can now hire a Renault Zoe from £10.35 per day* at EVision Electric Vehicles.
*Price based on a 3 year rental and excludes VAT.
Electric Vehicles at EVision

BMW i3

Ever since it’s release, the BMW i3 has played a major role in making electric vehicles mainstream. With its funky looks, impressive performance and clever construction, the i3 sells itself.
Often dubbed the most sustainable car on the market, the i3 is not only a car with zero tailpipe emissions, but it has one of the lowest carbon footprints over its lifetime.
You can hire the BMW i3 from EVision from just £11.80 a day*, with ongoing support and maintenance from our EV experts.
Now that production of new BMW i3s has ceased, we see these wonderful cars being in short supply. Here at EVision we only have about 30 of these cars left which are available for hire (all others are out on long term contracts), so if you want to grab one of these while they are still available, then contact us today!
*Price based on a 3 year rental and excludes VAT.
Electric Vehicles at EVision

Living sustainably in 2022

Driving an electric vehicle is one way to change your carbon footprint this year, but there are plenty more! Our friends at My Green Pod are determined to sharing eco-friendly living tips, tricks and advice that everyone can do.
If you’re ready to challenge climate change, you can find tons of FREE, informative ideas at My Green Pod here!

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