RAC trials pure electric Renault van for breakdowns!

electric renault van

Renault are one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, and have certainly succeeded in the electric vehicle market too. With the Renault Zoe being one of the best-selling electric cars since its release, Renault are certainly making their mark. The French manufacturer now has a range of electric Renault vans, including the Zoe Van, Kangoo and Master.

Here at EVision, we love electric vehicles! But, we know everyone is not as enthusiastic as we are. Many doubt how efficient electric vehicles actually are and how easy the switch to all-electric would be. 

However, the RAC are encouraging the electric revolution by launching their first all-electric patrol van. Read on to learn more!

EV News: RAC trial pure electric Renault van for UK breakdowns

With no electric van capable of towing broken down vehicles, recovery services like the RAC have been forced to stick with petrol and diesel alternatives. While this isn’t a huge issue, it is limiting to these businesses who want to be ahead of the curve in hitting carbon neutrality.

The RAC are keen to tackle this challenge and have officially launched the UK’s first zero-emission patrol van. They have begun by using the Renault Zoe Van as it is one of the few EVs capable of carrying the necessary tools and parts needed to fix the majority of UK breakdowns. 

Unlike delivery companies who carefully plan their route, the RAC can deal with over 7,000 random breakdowns everyday, meaning the Zoe Van’s 245 miles of range was crucial. Fitted with a 55kWh battery, this all-electric Renault van will be deployed in both urban and rural areas in order for RAC to assess its efficiency. 

The all-electric van will mainly be used to attend the RAC’s two most common breakdowns – batteries and tyres. This means the van will carry up to six replacement 12v batteries, two tyres, a trolley jack, a battery tester, RAC’s diagnostic tools as well as a range of standard patrol tools. 

Having won the ‘Best Car-based Conversion’ category in the WhatCar? Van Awards 2022, we imagine the RAC will fit this electric van extremely helpful. Not only is the Renault Zoe van able to attend UK breakdowns effectively, it will also be a huge benefit in terms of running and servicing costs.

Hire an electric Renault van!

While we don’t have the Renault Zoe Van here at EVision, we do have a different all-electric Renault van and the standard Zoe model car. The Renault Kangoo van is a really popular option for those who need a slightly bigger vehicle than what the Zoe offers, but not something that is massive. 

Powered by a 45kWh battery, the Kangoo has a real-world range of around 100-110 miles. The Kangoo also comes with regenerative braking and an Eco driving mode, designed to maximise the vehicle’s range.

As the Kangoo has a slightly smaller battery than the Zoe Van, it does charge quicker. It actually has really great charging stats, which is a top selling point. When using a 7kW wallbox, like you would find at your home, the van takes up to six hours to fully charge. 

One of the best features of the Renault Kangoo van is the customisable seating in the back. As standard, the Kangoo comes with five seats. However, the rear three seats are able to be folded down to create more space for cargo. Likewise, when you have more passengers you can just pull the seats up again.

You can hire the Renault Kangoo for a day, week, month, year or longer! The length of your rental is entirely up to you. All long term rentals, of 12 months or longer, come with a free chargepoint, charging cables and 10,000 annual mileage. 

Check out all of our Kangoo deals here.

A crowd pleaser!

Of course, we do stock Renault’s best-selling electric vehicle – the Renault Zoe. The latest model of the Zoe has raised the bar once again as it continues to lead the way in the small, affordable electric car market.

To buy, the Renault Zoe works out more affordable than the Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Corsa-e. Both of which have less range than the standard Zoe model. At EVision, we’ve opted for the most powerful 134bhp model, which gives drivers a range of 245 miles.

Inside, the Zoe’s interior is heavily borrowed from the latest Clio and Captur models. The standard set up features a 10-inch digital display combined with a 7-inch infotainment screen. However, the GT Line models have an upgraded 9.3-inch infotainment device.

Hiring a Renault Zoe is now more affordable than ever before with our updated pricing structure. What are you waiting for?! Rent a Renault Zoe from EVision today!

electric renault van

* All information correct as of 19/02/2022.

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